Radiation House

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Photographer Of Diseases
Data de estreia
Abr 08, 2019
Igarashi often gets fired because he doesn't seem to understand people's feelings. This brings him to work in a new hospital, Amakasu General Hospital. He meets Mr. Kikujima, a world .. show full overview
The 1 in 500, 000
Data de estreia
Abr 15, 2019
Chiba Kentaro goes to the hospital with his mom for a knee check-up. Amakasu diagnoses it as growing pains but Igarashi thinks otherwise. Another scan proves that it is something else. .. show full overview
Rabbit In The Snow
Data de estreia
Abr 22, 2019
Hayama Kyoko goes for a premarital health check-up. Initial mammogram shows no abnormalities, but Igarashi doubts it as she has dense breasts and cancer runs in her family. To Igarashi's .. show full overview
Fly Again
Data de estreia
Abr 29, 2019
Sakamoto Mizuki goes for a check-up to find out the cause of her shoulder pain. Hirose finds out that she wants a quick recovery in order to perform for her band's last show. Thus, .. show full overview
Real Family
Data de estreia
Mai 06, 2019
Fujimoto Naoki is found dead by his younger brother, Yuta, and the hospital wants to perform Ai (Autopsy Imaging) to determine the real cause of death. After performing Ai, Igarashi .. show full overview
The Pine Tree
Data de estreia
Mai 13, 2019
Amakasu wants to perform IVR for Sari, a girl who is admitted to the hospital with blood vessel leakage in her liver. Dr. Kaburagi insists on performing laparotomy which would leave a .. show full overview
Childhood Love
Data de estreia
Mai 20, 2019
Nokishita's ex-classmate, Hanamura Maki goes to the hospital with her husband for a mammography. They are told that the lumps in her breast are malignant and they become worried. Maki's .. show full overview
Behind The Mask
Data de estreia
Mai 27, 2019
Wakai Youko goes to the hospital for an MRI scan because of abdominal pain. Igarashi questions Dr. Kaburagi's diagnosis during the meeting and the news travel to Amakasu. She review the .. show full overview
Brothers In Arms
Data de estreia
Jun 03, 2019
Dr. Amakasu's fall results in a Bankart lesion. Dr. Tsujimura reminds Igarashi that he makes the call because he is the doctor. However, Igarashi suspects Amakasu's injury to be more .. show full overview
The Ship Is Strong
Data de estreia
Jun 10, 2019
Dr. Kaburagi submits his resignation letter. Amakasu and the technicians encounter a problem with a child with bone fracture. They suspect child abuse, but it turns out to be something .. show full overview
1x11 Final da série
A New Promise
Data de estreia
Jun 17, 2019
Amakasu General Hospital faces a crisis due to Igarashi's action. The technicians ignore Igarashi when they discover the truth about him. Seeing the trouble he caused, Igarashi makes a .. show full overview

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