Love Alarm

  • Pontuação 0.0
  • Estreia: Ago 2019
  • Episódios: 8
  • Seguidores: 37
  • Classificação #4345
  • A decorrer
  • Netflix
  • Quinta-Feira às 3


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Temporada 1 Discuss
The Flash of Lightning Before It Thunders
Data de estreia
Ago 22, 2019
Unlike her friends, Kim Jojo has more pressing things on her mind than dating. Upon returning from abroad, Hwang Sun-oh goes to see Lee Hye-yeong.
There’s Nothing Anyone Can Do When You Like Someone
Data de estreia
Ago 22, 2019
Sun-oh wants to know whether Hye-yeong has feelings for Jojo and tells him what he did. Jang Il-sik gets into a fight with Sun-oh and Hye-yeong.
The Miracle of Two People Liking Each Other
Data de estreia
Ago 22, 2019
Jojo confronts Sun-oh about the photos. As rumors spread at school, Jang-go gets mad at Jojo for lying. Il-sik confronts Jang-go about what she did.
The Best Feeling in the World Is Knowing There’s Someone on My Side
Data de estreia
Ago 22, 2019
Sun-oh asks Jojo about the school trip and realizes there’s not much he can do for her. Il-sik tells Jang-go something she doesn’t want to hear.
The Gravity of Liking Someone
Data de estreia
Ago 22, 2019
Jojo tells Sun-oh about her parents and makes a surprising suggestion. She later confronts Jang-go after overhearing something.
Your Heart Is Safe Now
Data de estreia
Ago 22, 2019
News of the tragedy hits the airwaves. Hye-yeong finds Jojo at the library and informs her that he plans to court her the old-fashioned way.
Something I’ve Been Holding Back and Can Only Say to You
Data de estreia
Ago 22, 2019
Jojo tries to put a shield around herself and tells Hye-yeong she doesn’t need his help, but he offers to take her somewhere special.
1x8 Final da temporada
One Is Bigger Than Any Other Number in the World
Data de estreia
Ago 22, 2019
Jojo ponders what it means to like someone and realizes a shield may not be necessary. Sun-oh wants to know whether she still has feelings for him.

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