Jack & Bobby

  • Estreia: Set 2004
  • Episódios: 22
  • Seguidores: 24
  • Acabou
  • The WB
  • Quarta-Feira às 21
  • Drama Romance Science-fiction


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Temporada 1
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Set 12, 2004
WHAT IF YOU COULD WATCH THE NEXT GREAT AMERICAN PRESIDENT GROW UP? Jack and Bobby McCallister are two bright young brothers growing up in Hart, Missouri, under the watchful eye of their .. show full overview
Better Days
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Set 19, 2004
Grace and Bobby help with a College Democrats rally. Jack explodes after catching Grace smoking pot again and gives her an ultimatum. However, after a particularly trying day, Grace .. show full overview
The Kindness of Strangers
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Set 26, 2004
Grace goes out of town to a faculty retreat. Bobby joins the ""challenge program"" at school and learns a powerful lesson. Grace is conflicted on what to do when she finds out her .. show full overview
A Man of Faith
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Out 03, 2004
Bobby's interest in religion is piqued when he helps Warren study for his Bar Mitzvah. Elswhere Grace insults a Arab-American female student, Hebba (guest-star Lisa Pintel) with deep .. show full overview
The First Lady
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Out 10, 2004
The future reveals a dark secret about the soon-to-be First Lady. Back in the present, Jack offers to escort a depressed Courtney to her father's work fundraiser leading to an unexpected .. show full overview
An Innocent Man (a.k.a You're No Jack McCallister)
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Out 17, 2004
Grace is stunned after Benedict informs her that her fellow colleague and good friend has been accused of sexually harassing a student. Grace immediately defends her co-worker but must .. show full overview
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Out 27, 2004
Bobby's relationship with Dex (guest-star Jeanette Brox) continues to grow until Grace walks in on them kissing in her study. After failing to convince Bobby to break it off with Dex, .. show full overview
Election Night
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Nov 03, 2004
Bobby is heartbroken over his break-up with Dex (guest-star Jeanette Brox) and decides to get even with Jack after finding out he is responsible for their split. Bobby's actions cause .. show full overview
Chess Lessons
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Nov 10, 2004
Grace promises to be on her best behavior when she and Jack go to Missy's house for dinner but loses her cool after the Reverend (guest-star Ed Begley, Jr.) starts attacking her ideals .. show full overview
Lost Boys
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Nov 17, 2004
Grace's warm, intelligent, gay younger brother Jimmy makes a surprise visit for Thanksgiving. Grace is thrilled that he has returned, but her feelings change after he lands in jail on .. show full overview
Today I am a Man
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Dez 01, 2004
Jack is mortified after Grace catches him buying condoms in reparation for his big night with Missy. Trying to be supportive of his actions, Grace insists that Jack talk to her about .. show full overview
Running Scared
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jan 26, 2005
Jack tries to resume a sense of normalcy after his brutal attack, but finds that the injury may keep him from returning to his old life when he visits the doctor with Grace. Also, Grace .. show full overview
A New Frontier
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Fev 02, 2005
Bobby becomes suspicious of Grace's relationship with Tom after Tom coincidentally shows up during a camping trip and Bobby is not happy at all. While Jack and Missy's relationship seems .. show full overview
Into the Woods
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Fev 09, 2005
Jack walks in on Grace and Tom (Bradley Cooper) in a compromising situation and tells Grace he disapproves of her romance. Meanwhile, Bobby convinces Grace to allow him to attend an .. show full overview
Time Out of Life
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Fev 16, 2005
A bad snow storms hits Hart, Missouri. Grace and Tom's relationship is exposed when a fellow professor catches them kissing in her office. Later in the evening, Peter turns to Grace for .. show full overview
And Justice for All
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Fev 23, 2005
Peter is forced to take action after learning about the relationship between Grace and Tom (Bradley Cooper). Grace has to go up against the University Ethics Committee when they find out .. show full overview
Querida Grace
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mar 02, 2005
Bobby must research his family history for a school assignment which leads to more unanswered questions about his fathers real life. Jack and Katie's (guest-star Kate Mara) relationship .. show full overview
Friends with Benefits
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Abr 13, 2005
Grace is now working with a new TA, Margaret, which leads Grace at a lost without Tom even with another TA on her side. Grace's excitement to be the opening speaker at an event for her .. show full overview
A Child of God
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Abr 20, 2005
Missy and Jack go to the school nurse and find out she's pregnant. They eventually tell both their parents and they meet up at the Belknap house to discuss the matter, but does not go .. show full overview
Under the Influence
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Abr 27, 2005
After getting into a big argument at the not-so-exciting school dance, Jack, Courtney, Marcus, Missy and Randy (guest-star Cam Gigandet) decide to drive to an after-party, but a deadly .. show full overview
Stand By Me
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mai 04, 2005
The aftermath of the fatal car accident starts with all the kids' parents meeting up at the hospital to claim their children as well as seeing Missy's parents shatter in grief when they .. show full overview
1x22 Final da série
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mai 11, 2005
In the future documentary, there is a host who explains how Jack fought in the War of Americas and became a war hero (but was badly injured with his old knee injury becoming permanent), .. show full overview

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