X-Men: The Animated Series

  • Wynik 9.1
  • Premiera: Paź 1989
  • Odcinki: 76
  • Obserwujący: 344
  • Pozycja #1242
  • Zakończony
  • FOX
  • Sobota w 11


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The Phalanx Covenant (Part 1)
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Wrz 07, 1996
Rushing to investigate a disturbance downtown, the X-Men find Sabretooth on the rampage again, but realize too late that it isn't really Sabretooth at all. It is the Phalanx, a voracious .. show full overview
The Phalanx Covenant (Part 2)
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Wrz 07, 1996
Snatched from the jaws of the Phalanx by the villainous Mr. Sinister, Beast and Forge search for allies to help them battle the alien threat. Gathering assistance from such unlikely .. show full overview
A Deal with the Devil
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Wrz 14, 1996
The former Soviet Union's living weapon, Omega Red, is thawed out by the US Military to deal with an abandoned Soviet nuclear submarine near Hawaii. He asks for his old enemy, Wolverine, .. show full overview
No Mutant Is An Island
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Wrz 21, 1996
Cyclops, still in mourning after Jean Grey's ""death"", quits the X-men and returns to his orphanage home and encounters his friend Sarah. She tells him that a wealthy man has decided to .. show full overview
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Paź 05, 1996
Longshot, a rebel from another world, tumbles into this world with no memory and a murderous gang led by the six-armed woman warrior Spiral hot on his trail. It turns out that Longshot .. show full overview
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Paź 26, 1996
Nightcrawler gets a mysterious message. He is informed that his birth mother (whom he never knew) is in trouble. He turns to the X-Men for assistance. Jubilee is baffled that .. show full overview
Storm Front (Part 1)
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Lis 02, 1996
The dashing alien, Arkon, unleashes terrible weather conditions over Washington D.C. to get Storm's attention. It works, he begs her to return with him to his planet, Corsus, to save it .. show full overview
Storm Front (Part 2)
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Lis 09, 1996
Spectacular preparations for Storm's wedding to Arkon proceed quickly. But as Jubilee helps Storm, the new queen, prepare for the wedding, Jubilee can't help notice how badly the palace .. show full overview
Jubilee's Fairy Tale Theatre
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Lis 16, 1996
Jubilee tells children her own fairy tale having herself, her fellow X-Men and their greatest enemies be the characters in it.
The Fifth Horseman
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Lut 08, 1997
Fabian Cortez helps Apocalypse escape from the astral plane.
Old Soldiers
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Lut 22, 1997
Wolverine thinks back to the time when he fought during World War II and teamed up with Captain America.
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Wrz 06, 1997
The origin of Mr. Sinister.
Hidden Agendas
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Wrz 13, 1997
When the army learns of Sam Guthrie's cannonball power, they try to enlist him in their ranks.
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Graduation Day
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Wrz 20, 1997
Due to a serious injury, Professor Xavier is dying and must leave with Lilandra and go with her to the Shi'Ar Empire. He bids farewell to his X-Men. The last scene of this show ends with .. show full overview

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