There She Goes

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  • Premiera: Paź 2018
  • Odcinki: 10
  • Obserwujący: 10
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  • BBC Two
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Sezon 2
Speech and Language
Episode overview
Data emisji
Lip 09, 2020
In 2007, Rosie has her first full evaluation, and in 2017, Rosie’s newfound communication skills are put to the test at her school sports day.
President's Day
Episode overview
Data emisji
Lip 16, 2020
Rosie becomes obsessional about Christmas, unable to understand why it can’t be Christmas all the time. In 2007, Si and Em continue to drift apart and consider splitting up.
Head Space
Episode overview
Data emisji
Lip 23, 2020
As Em gets excited about Si’s annual quiz, Rosie becomes fixated on making her draw a specific picture over and over again. In 2008, Rosie suffers a frightening medical emergency.
We Need To Talk About Rosie
Episode overview
Data emisji
Lip 30, 2020
After the school notices some bruising on Rosie, Si becomes paranoid about a visit from social services. In 2008 Rosie takes her first steps leading to unforeseen new problems.
Marmalade Chunks
Episode overview
Data emisji
Sie 06, 2020
Rosie's excited as they set off for the annual summer holiday but things are not as she was expecting. In 2009 Si and Em are confronted with Fliss, their perfect new niece.

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