The Divide

  • Premiera: Lip 2014
  • Odcinki: 8
  • Obserwujący: 283
  • Zakończony
  • WE tv
  • Środa w 21
  • Drama Thriller


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Sezon 1
The Way Men Divide
Episode overview
Data emisji
Lip 16, 2014
Impassioned caseworker Christine Rosa uncovers new evidence in the sensational trial of a death row inmate, causing frustration from Adam Page, the District Attorney who made his name on the case.
No Such Thing as Justice
Episode overview
Data emisji
Lip 16, 2014
As the execution date looms, Christine and the Innocence Initiative staff scrambles to prove a flaw in the case, while Adam plays every card he has in an effort to block them.
Facts Are The Enemy
Episode overview
Data emisji
Lip 23, 2014
Christine's preoccupation with the Butler case makes it hard for her to focus on her impending bar exam, while Adam attempts to resolve his doubts by confirming Jenny Butler's eyewitness ID.
Never Forget
Episode overview
Data emisji
Lip 30, 2014
Terry has difficulty re-entering society after his release. Adam chases down loose ends, while Christine finds herself unprepared for the most important test of her life.
I'm for Justice
Episode overview
Data emisji
Sie 06, 2014
Christine and Maxine pay a visit to Victor in prison and share the good news that Terry has been released, but things turn heated when it's revealed that Christine has been in contact .. show full overview
And the Little Ones Get Caught
Episode overview
Data emisji
Sie 13, 2014
Adam is sent reeling when he learns who gave the order to falsify the Butler DNA evidence. While investigating the murders for which he was convicted, Terry deepens his involvement with .. show full overview
I Can't Go Back
Episode overview
Data emisji
Sie 20, 2014
Christine meets with Stanley Zale and asks if she can call upon his son Eric to be a character witness for Terry if there is a retrial. Meanwhile, Terry's investigation into his own case puts him in a risky situation.
1x8 Finał emisji
To Whom Evil Is Done
Episode overview
Data emisji
Sie 27, 2014
Christine and Terry's connection deepens. Stanley Zale forces Christine to chose between the two men she cares about most. Billie forms her own dangerous plan to take down Zale. Bobby .. show full overview

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