The Boulet Brothers' Dragula

  • Wynik 9.0
  • Premiera: Paź 2016
  • Odcinki: 27
  • Obserwujący: 20
  • Pozycja #6280
  • Trwający
  • OutTV
  • Wtorek w 10


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Sezon 3 Discuss
The Lesser of Two Evils
Data emisji
Sie 27, 2019
Meet this season's 11 competing drag artists in their quest for the crown. The first extermination commences.
Don't Suck
Data emisji
Wrz 03, 2019
The Boulet Brothers challenge the remaining drag artists to craft a vampire visage fit for a queen, and challenge the bottom two queens to a stomach turning extermination challenge.
Drag Monsters of Rock
Data emisji
Wrz 06, 2019
The monsters are split into two rock bands and must compete in an arena style show to demolish the opposing band.
The Demon’s Blood
Data emisji
Wrz 15, 2019
The remaining competitors leave the mansion and go on location for the first time. The pressure pushes people to the breaking point and a mental meltdown threatens to send someone home.
No Throw Aways, Not Recycled
Data emisji
Wrz 27, 2019
Fashion meets filth on the runway and competitors must prove they can serve killer looks and deliver memorable interviews on camera. The threat of extermination brings out the fangs in everyone.
The Operating Theatre
Data emisji
Wrz 30, 2019
Only 6 competitors remain and it’s going to take surgical precision to survive this weeks challenge. The monsters pose for photographers and editors to see who has the strongest photos. One will win and one will be sent to the morgue.
Le Freak
Data emisji
Paź 08, 2019
Competitors must prove that they have a place in the competition. The Boulet Brothers up the stakes.
Halloween Haunt
Data emisji
Paź 14, 2019
The monsters have to take a classic Halloween costume archetype and elevate the concept with the elements of glamour, filth and/or horror. Also, carve a jack-o-lantern in a way that accessorizes and accentuates the Halloween costume.
Back from the Dead
Data emisji
Paź 22, 2019
The dead are resurrected for one night only to attend the Dragula Season 3 reunion. Will old wounds and bad blood be infectious?
The Grand Finale
Data emisji
Paź 29, 2019
The strongest monsters deliver their final serving of Filth, Horror, and Glamour. The winner is crowned.

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