Survivor's Remorse

  • Premiera: Paź 2014
  • Odcinki: 36
  • Obserwujący: 100
  • Zakończony
  • Niedziela w 22
  • Comedy Drama Sport


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Sezon 4
Episode overview
Data emisji
Sie 20, 2017
Cam, Reggie, and Mary Charles' attempts to reconcile their paternal relationships see varying results. Cassie and Chen attempt to enjoy their time in Shanghai.
Episode overview
Data emisji
Sie 27, 2017
Cam's visit to Walpole sends him on a wild goose chase in to the past, Missy gets a worrisome phone call, and M-Chuck gives some teenagers a piece of her mind.
Episode overview
Data emisji
Wrz 03, 2017
M-Chuck has unconventional ideas about closure and Cam sees his father in a new light. Reggie and Trent head north.
Feel Free to Comment
Episode overview
Data emisji
Wrz 10, 2017
Cam and Allison come face to face with an unpleasant side effect of fame. Missy tries to get Reggie on board with the idea of her working side-by-side with Cam’s family foundation, and .. show full overview
The Gala
Episode overview
Data emisji
Wrz 17, 2017
Missy has planned and extraordinary gala which will promote the altruistic goals of The Calloway Philanthropic Trust. Anyone who is anyone in Atlanta will be there. Cam’s enthusiasm is .. show full overview
Episode overview
Data emisji
Wrz 24, 2017
Chen suspects Cassie may be having an affair, Flaherty tries to dissuade Cam from getting involved in the Players’ Union and Missy discovers a secret that threatens to drive a wedge between her and Reggie.
Episode overview
Data emisji
Paź 01, 2017
M-Chuck’s visit to an African-American Museum leads her to challenge a major philanthropic donor. Reggie tries to convince Chen to usher him into the deal flow and Cam and Allison escape on a romantic getaway out of town.
Future Plans
Episode overview
Data emisji
Paź 08, 2017
Cam reveals to Reggie that he’s about to propose marriage to Allison. Reggie gives Cam some unexpected advice about the engagement process. M-Chuck’s freshman English class challenges .. show full overview
Family Ties
Episode overview
Data emisji
Paź 15, 2017
Cassie visits Rodney in prison as part of her journey to her Catholic confirmation. Reggie tries to persuade Cam to invest in Chen’s real estate deal. Missy gets some money from her .. show full overview
4x10 Finał emisji
Answers and Questions
Episode overview
Data emisji
Paź 22, 2017
Cam and Reggie are at odds about getting involved in a deal that involves abandoned school property, Missy is determined to pursue any lead that might get her out of the shadow of the .. show full overview

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