Great Continental Railway Journeys

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Sezon 7
Salamanca to Canfranc
Episode overview
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Lip 29, 2020
Michael Portillo sports a modern edition of his Bradshaw’s Continental Handbook, dated 1936. His destination lies close to his heart: the ancient kingdom of Spain and land of his father.
Orleans to Reims
Episode overview
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Sie 05, 2020
Beginning in historic Orleans, Michael follows his Bradshaw’s guide to the magnificent stained-glass windows of the Cathedral of Sainte-Croix, which tell the story of Joan of Arc.
Berlin to Stuttgart
Episode overview
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Sie 19, 2020
Michael Portillo embarks on a rail journey through Germany. In a vast stadium, Michael hears how new rail lines were constructed to transport crowds of spectators to the Nazi Olympic Games of 1936.
Palermo to Mt Etna
Episode overview
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Sie 26, 2020
In Palermo, Michael takes in the art and architecture of the Futurists and feasts on a Sicilian speciality, spaghetti and sardines.
Linz to Bratislava
Episode overview
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Wrz 02, 2020
Michael travels through Austria and the Czech Republic, exploring a dark era in history. At Prague Central Station, Michael meets a woman who, as a young girl, travelled by train to safety in London.
Stockholm to the Arctic Circle
Episode overview
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Wrz 10, 2020
Michael makes a scenic journey from Stockholm to Abisko. Michael celebrates Midsummer in Marielund, learns to decorate a Dala horse in Mora and takes an icy dip in one of the country’s 96,000 lakes.

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