90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

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Sezon 5
What Goes Around, Comes Around
Episode overview
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Cze 14, 2020
Colt visits a new love in secret. Angela is urged to seek legal advice about her relationship with Michael. Larissa's future in the US is in jeopardy. Andrei makes a sudden announcement .. show full overview
Caught In The Crossfire
Episode overview
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Cze 21, 2020
Colt discovers a new side of his girlfriend. Angela receives some shocking news from her doctor. Elizabeth asks her dad to pay for a big-ticket item. Larissa decides to get back into the .. show full overview
Seeds Of Discontent
Episode overview
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Cze 28, 2020
Elizabeth's family confronts her about Andrei's actions. Jess extends an exotic invite to Colt. Skyla impedes Angela's wedding. Larissa finds out shocking news about Colt. Kalani and Asuelu's upcoming trip is threatened.
She's A Wolf
Episode overview
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Lip 05, 2020
Elizabeth's new discovery threatens the wedding. Colt comes clean to his mother. Karine discovers more about Paul's America. Angela is desperate for a witness. Larissa makes a surprising call. Kalani and her mother go head-to-head with Asuelu.
Drive Me Crazy Like A Roulette Wheel
Episode overview
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Lip 12, 2020
Larissa has a date with a mystery man. In Nigeria, Angela receives a horrific first-day surprise. Colt's mother meets his girlfriend. Kalani's father finds out about Asuelu's misdeeds. Elizabeth and Andrei have a rocky first morning in Moldova.
Ultimatums And Ugly Truths
Episode overview
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Lip 19, 2020
Tension runs high when Angela meets Michael's friends. Colt is torn between his mom and his girlfriend. Cultures clash when Andrei's family challenges Elizabeth's role as head of household. Larissa gets an ultimatum. Kalani's dad confronts Asuelu.
The Best Mistake Of My Life
Episode overview
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Lip 26, 2020
Drama erupts when Colt & Debbie meet Jess' family. Angela refuses to act as a Nigerian woman. Larissa is betrayed by Eric. Elizabeth's family questions Andrei's past. Asuelu throws Kalani under the bus. Paul hopes to win over Karine with a surprise.
Hell Hath No Fury
Episode overview
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Sie 02, 2020
Colt is caught red-handed. Sparks fly between Elizabeth's family and Andrei. Larissa and Eric spiral into chaos. Kalani and Asuelu endure a travel day from hell. Angela finally comes clean to Michael. Syngin's overjoyed to escape America.
Burnt Bridges And Bitter Truths
Episode overview
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Sie 09, 2020
At a family dinner, Andrei spirals out of control. Jess confronts Colt about Vanessa. Karine gives Paul a final ultimatum. Asuelu's family turns on him. Larissa and Eric reopen Pandora's Box. Angela asks Michael to make a big decision.
Drawing The Line
Episode overview
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Sie 16, 2020
Larissa faces her final court date. Elizabeth deals with the aftermath of Andrei's blow up. Asuelu finally stands his ground. Colt worries his relationship is over. Michael's family is concerned that Angela is not a suitable wife for him.
Public Displays Of Contention
Episode overview
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Sie 23, 2020
Angela refuses to submit to Michael's family. Colt reveals he's been lying to Jess. Elizabeth's family finds out what Andrei has been hiding. Asuelu's family pushes Kalani over the edge. Larissa requests money for a dramatic change.
Compromising Positions
Episode overview
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Sie 30, 2020
Eric worries about Larissa's surgery. Karine looks into leaving the US. Chaos ensues at Angela and Michael's pre-wedding festivities. Kalani questions the future of her marriage. Colt makes a scandalous revelation. Andrei's shady past is revealed.
Hot Tempers And Cold Feet
Episode overview
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Wrz 06, 2020
Nerves run high the day of Angela and Michael's wedding. Colt reveals all his secrets to Jess. Kalani and Asuelu attend couples' therapy. Larissa develops an unlikely friendship. Elizabeth discovers Andrei was hiding the truth from her too.
To Love And To Obey?
Episode overview
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Wrz 13, 2020
Elizabeth's brother threatens her wedding with Andrei. Kalani and Asuelu's families go head to head. Angela receives shocking news. Paul and Karine say their goodbyes. Larissa's surgery does not go as expected. Colt turns over a new leaf.
Point Of No Return
Episode overview
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Wrz 20, 2020
Larissa's plastic surgery transformation stuns her friends. Andrei confronts Charlie at the wedding. Kalani and Asuelu reach a breaking point. Colt tells Debbie to back off. Syngin considers staying in South Africa. Tragedy strikes Angela's family.
Tell All Part 1
Episode overview
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Wrz 27, 2020
In part one of the Tell All, our couples reunite from their own homes. Angela and Michael struggle with trust issues. Elizabeth's family questions Andrei's integrity. Colt clashes with both of his exes. Asuelu's coronavirus habits are questioned.
Tell All Part 2
Episode overview
Data emisji
Paź 04, 2020
In part two of the Tell All, our couples return with more revelations and drama. Colt clashes with his exes. Kalani questions if her marriage can be saved. Tania criticizes Syngin's drinking. Michael wants Skyla's egg.
Tell All Part 3
Episode overview
Data emisji
Paź 05, 2020
In the final chapter of the Tell All, Larissa and Eric face Eric's past misdeeds. Jess introduces a special guest, leaving the cast in shock, and Angela fires back at Michael's family.

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