Women on the Verge

  • in première gegaan: Okt 2018
  • Afleveringen: 6
  • Volgers: 3
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  • Donderdag op 22
  • Comedy Drama


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Seizoen 1
Episode 1
Episode overview
Okt 11, 2018
After a potential work promotion, a family christening and a messy love triangle collide disastrously, Laura decides it’s time to take action to stop herself from completely unravelling. .. show full overview
Episode 2
Episode overview
Okt 18, 2018
Katie tries to win her daughter's love by buying a puppy, Laura has an emotional encounter with a homeless man, and Alison makes a big decision about her relationship with Martin.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Okt 25, 2018
Laura and Katie are nominated in the annual press awards, the Oscars of the newspaper industry. Laura decides she’s going to write about her therapy under a pseudonym.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Nov 01, 2018
Katie is dating again and believes charismatic Sean might be the one. Laura bumps into her first love and thinks he might want to rekindle their relationship.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Nov 08, 2018
Katie has last minute unexpected problems with the launch of her photography exhibition.
1x6 Seriefinale
Episode 6
Episode overview
Nov 15, 2018
Laura's confessional article about being in therapy and having an affair is published in the newspaper.

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