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Seizoen 10
Syrian Aftershock & Almost Intelligent
Episode overview
Mei 07, 2023
Hind Hassan travels to northwest Syria to investigate a recent devastating earthquake and what prevented critical humanitarian aid from getting to survivors in the region who needed it .. show full overview
Lynching For God & Backgrounded
Episode overview
Mei 14, 2023
Isobel Young meets with religious hardliners in Pakistan, where insulting The Prophet is constitutionally punishable by death, and reports on how they encourage the extrajudicial killing .. show full overview
The State of Israel & The Other Drug Crisis
Episode overview
Mei 21, 2023
Matthew Cassel covers Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s return to power by partnering with far-right political parties and their historic and controversial attempt to overhaul .. show full overview
Detransitioners & Draining the DRC
Episode overview
Jun 04, 2023
Alyza Enriques unpacks the role of detransitioners, or formerly trans-identifying people who have stopped medical treatment, in legislative efforts across the country to ban .. show full overview
Lone Star Justice & The Cost of War
Episode overview
Jun 11, 2023
Paola Ramos travels to Texas to see how Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s border enforcement initiative, Operation Lone Star, is potentially circumventing the federal government’s .. show full overview
Catfished by Captives & The Disappeared
Episode overview
Jun 18, 2023
Natashya Gutierrez travels to Southeast Asia to explore a dark new form of online scamming, known as “pig butchering”, that is involuntarily perpetuated by victims of human trafficking .. show full overview
Charged With Terror & Ukraine's Stolen Children
Episode overview
Jun 25, 2023
Vegas Tenold examines how new domestic terrorism laws in Georgia have alarmed some civil rights groups who worry that these efforts to combat homegrown extremism may infringe on the .. show full overview
Episode overview
Jul 02, 2023
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