• in première gegaan: Okt 2008
  • Afleveringen: 8
  • Volgers: 29
  • Afgelopen
  • The CW
  • Zondag
  • Comedy Drama


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Seizoen 1
Episode overview
Okt 05, 2008
The Valentine family is sent down to Los Angeles from Mount Olympus, using magic to make sure true love continues to blossom on earth. Grace (Aphrodite), asks romance novelist Kate .. show full overview
Daddy's Home
Episode overview
Okt 12, 2008
Grace's affair with Ray is put on hold when her husband, Ari, the god of war, returns home. There, Ari tries to get Danny to work for him instead of in the love business. Meanwhile, Morgan, a chemist, pines for Nisha.
Act Naturally
Episode overview
Okt 19, 2008
Tucker Blumsack, a Los Angeles theater manager, has his world thrown off balance when a movie star, Vivi, literally comes crashing into his life. Grace, Danny and Kate team up to save .. show full overview
The Book of Love
Episode overview
Okt 26, 2008
Grace sends Phoebe to reignite passion between two former independent bookstore owners whose lives have now been almost nearly consumed by the stress of the corporate world. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
Summer Nights
Episode overview
Jun 28, 2009
Grace wants to bring her new hired personal trainer and her nutritionist together. However, there is some past with Kate. Ari is missing his love gun.
Hound Dog
Episode overview
Jul 05, 2009
The gang seeks the help of Aunt Circe to bring a couple together. Nobody believes Danny's story about being assaulted.
She's Gone
Episode overview
Jul 12, 2009
A high-school couple is reunited by Grace and Leo. Ari and Ray are searching for Aunt Circe and the Adamantine Blade.
1x8 Seriefinale
God Only Knows
Episode overview
Jul 19, 2009
Grace finds an unconventional way to get a couple together. Ray wants to return the Adamantine Blade to Hades, but then a strange woman shows up.

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