• in première gegaan: Okt 2000
  • Afleveringen: 32
  • Volgers: 29
  • Afgelopen
  • DR1
  • Zondag op 20
  • Action Crime Drama Mystery Thriller


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Seizoen 4
Assistance Report A-05/03 (1)
Episode overview
Dec 25, 2003
When a black prostitute is found murdered and things indicate the Danish minister of justice, the unit is once again called together, although they are all busy with other work; soon we .. show full overview
4x2 Seriefinale
Assistance Report A-05/03 (2)
Episode overview
Jan 01, 2004
Things are taking a turn for the worse when both Johnny and Fischer find themselves in grave danger; their cover has been blown and the bikers want them dead. This episode marks the end of the series.

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