Touch Your Heart

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Seizoen 1
Yun Seo Goes to a Law Firm
Episode overview
Feb 06, 2019
Yun Seo is a popular actress, but she left the show business because of a scandal. To make a comeback, she goes to see a famous writer for a role. The writer offers her a role in one .. show full overview
Se Won Comes to Seoul
Episode overview
Feb 07, 2019
Jung Rok gets mad because Yun Seo misplaced important files. However, he finds out that Yun Hyuk had them. He apologizes to Yun Seo, but her anger doesn’t go away. Meanwhile, Se Won .. show full overview
Yun Seo’s First Case
Episode overview
Feb 13, 2019
Jung Rok says that he will give Yun Seo an opportunity to become a real secretary. Yun Seo tries her best to keep up, but she gets frustrated by heavy workload. Jung Rok takes on a case .. show full overview
Studying Together
Episode overview
Feb 14, 2019
Yun Seo asks Jung Rok to teach her law during the weekend. They go to Jung Rok’s school and study at the campus. They meet Yeo Reum, and Yun Seo feels jealous to see her making Jung Rok .. show full overview
Murder or Self-defense
Episode overview
Feb 20, 2019
Jung Rok and Yun Seo get closer as they work together. However, she is jealous of Yeo Reum who comes between them. Jung Rok gets assigned to the Im Yun Hee Case which Yeo Reum is the .. show full overview
Jung Rok and Yun Seo Investigate the Case
Episode overview
Feb 21, 2019
Jung Rok and Yun Seo work after hours to prepare for the second trial of Im Yun Hee Case. As they leave the office, they get trapped in the elevator. Hyuk Joon appears to pick up Yun .. show full overview
Jung Rok’s Confession
Episode overview
Feb 27, 2019
Jung Rok confesses his feelings to Yun Seo. It makes her fluttered, and she waits for him to ask her out. However, Jung Rok seems inattentive since he is not used to dating. Yun Seo .. show full overview
Always Law Firm Holds a Workshop
Episode overview
Feb 28, 2019
Moon Hee tells Yun Seo that Yeo Reum was Jung Rok’s first love. Yun Seo goes to see Jung Rok and runs into Se Won. Se Won is surprised by the fact Jung Rok who is a novice at dating is .. show full overview
A Special Date
Episode overview
Mrt 06, 2019
Jung Rok and Yun Seo enjoy romantic and happy time together. Jung Rok takes a hate comment case and finds out that Yun Seo also had suffered from comments in the past. Jung Rok prepares .. show full overview
A Mysterious Man
Episode overview
Mrt 07, 2019
Yun Seo invites Jung Rok to her house to watch a movie. They become closer as they spend the day together. Hyuk Joon is worried by the news that Gang Joon is back from the US. Se Won is .. show full overview
Gang Joon Approaches Yun Seo
Episode overview
Mrt 13, 2019
Gang Joon appears in front of Yun Seo. He sends her messages and has his man tail her in secret. Jung Rok wants to comfort Yun Seo and takes her to an amusement park for a special date. .. show full overview
Yun Seo Will Act Again
Episode overview
Mrt 14, 2019
Gang Joon breaks into Yun Seo’s place, but Jung Rok saves her. Gang Joon gets arrested, and Se Won’s case gets solved too. Since Yun Seo’s rumor got cleared, she gets her lead role in .. show full overview
Jung Rok’s New Case
Episode overview
Mrt 20, 2019
Yun Seo goes to the law firm to turn Jung Rok’s mind, but Jung Rok treats her coldly and says goodbye. A month later, the two are busy at work in their fields. However, they still miss .. show full overview
Jung Rok’s Resignation
Episode overview
Mrt 21, 2019
Jung Rok and Joon Gyu conflict over the Park Su Myeong case. Jung Rok gives Joon Gyu the resignation letter to quit the law firm. Yun Seo is worried as she sees negative articles .. show full overview
Jung Rok Gets Jealous
Episode overview
Mrt 27, 2019
Yun Seo and Jung Rok get back together again. Jung Rok stays the night at Yun Seo’s place and runs into Hyuk Joon in the morning. As Yun Seo is busy with the shootings, they don’t have .. show full overview
1x16 Seriefinale
Yun Seo Makes a Comeback
Episode overview
Mrt 28, 2019
Yun Seo and Jung Rok enjoy their time together. However, Yun Seo’s overseas shooting schedule is moved forward. They have only a day before her departure, but unexpected events come up. .. show full overview

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