• in première gegaan: Mrt 1996
  • Afleveringen: 32
  • Volgers: 16
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  • BBC Two
  • Maandag
  • Drama


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Seizoen 2
Last Tango In Southwark
Episode overview
Mrt 17, 1997
Anna and Miles have doubts about each other after finally getting together at a party. Egg says goodbye to both his father and his writing career. Milly is taken aback by the arrival of an attractive new trainee at the firm.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Episode overview
Mrt 24, 1997
Anna throws herself into her work, only to find herself up against Miles on a case, while Milly loses her cool. Kira's career suffers a setback. A dinner party is interrupted by Warren's ex-lover Ferdy.
The Bi Who Came In From The Cold
Episode overview
Mrt 31, 1997
Ferdy's mixed signals are causing problems for Warren. Anna blames Miles for spreading rumours at work. And Milly loses patience when Egg goes on a gambling spree.
How To Get In Bed By Advertising
Episode overview
Apr 07, 1997
Warren begins losing patience with Ferdy, and his efforts to relieve his stress get him into trouble. Miles finds there is no such thing as uncomplicated sex after he resorts to the .. show full overview
Small Town Boyo
Episode overview
Apr 14, 1997
Warren's arrest has become common knowledge, and threatens to destroy a promising career. Ferdy is tempted to go back to his ex.
Unusual Suspect
Episode overview
Apr 21, 1997
Warren faces the indignity of having to be part of an identity parade and appear in court. When Milly's boss forbids her from representing him, Anna steps in. Egg is left in the lurch .. show full overview
He's Leaving Home
Episode overview
Apr 28, 1997
Warren is planning a world tour, but is he ready to finish his therapy? Milly and Miles disagree about who should take his room. Egg learns something new about Nicki. And Ferdy's sexual .. show full overview
Room With a Queue
Episode overview
Mei 08, 1997
Miles takes matters into his own hands when the search for a new flatmate begins. Anna considers desperate measures to get work. Kira's strategy with Jo is starting to pay off.
Men Behaving Sadly
Episode overview
Mei 15, 1997
Ferdy has an explosive encounter with his ex. Rachel finds a tactful way of letting Miles down gently. Nicki confides in Egg about the father of her child. And sexism at chambers sends Anna in search of sisterhood.
When the Dope Comes In
Episode overview
Mei 22, 1997
Milly agonises over whether or not to accompany O'Donnell on a business trip to Paris. Miles and Egg get an unexpected visit from the police. Jo has to beat a hasty retreat from Kelly.
She's Gotta Get It
Episode overview
Mei 29, 1997
The vote for Anna's tenancy is imminent, and Miles starts a whispering campaign against her. Kira arranges a date for Ferdy. Milly is brooding about Rachel and O'Donnell in Paris. And Egg has no luck getting on a catering course.
The Plumber Always Rings Twice
Episode overview
Jun 05, 1997
Milly is suspicious of Rachel and O'Donnell's new rapport since the trip to Paris. A visitor to the house arouses Ferdy's interest. Anna's celebration with Sarah does not quite go as planned. Miles still resists his father's invitation.
Wish You Were Queer
Episode overview
Jun 12, 1997
Miles and Anna become professional rivals. Nicki is upset by Egg's betrayal.
Who's That Girl?
Episode overview
Jun 19, 1997
Will Miles make a hasty decision about his new girlfriend? Milly and Rachel's relationship comes to a head. And a lost condom sends Jo into a panic.
From Here To Maternity
Episode overview
Jun 26, 1997
Milly throws caution to the wind when Egg accuses her of being boring. Anna gets some news from home. Ferdy needs some time on his own.
One Bedding and a Funeral
Episode overview
Jul 03, 1997
Egg's younger brother comes to stay and finds a friend in Anna. Milly's reckless behaviour nearly gives the game away. Anna settles on alternative plans for her mother's funeral. And Kira tells Jo where to go.
The Secret Of My Excess
Episode overview
Jul 10, 1997
Miles offers Anna a shoulder to cry on. Milly begins to see the downside of her actions.
Diet Hard
Episode overview
Jul 17, 1997
Egg's expectations for the opening night at the cafe prove to be slightly overambitious. Ferdy opts for a one-night stand. Kira and Kelly make plans for the future.
Milly Liar
Episode overview
Jul 24, 1997
Miles wins his case, but Francesca has convinced herself that he does not want to go through with the wedding. Milly panics when a stupid lie backfires. Anna lets Miles in on an alarming secret, and Ferdy confesses all to Lenny.
Secrets and Wives
Episode overview
Jul 31, 1997
Milly discovers the truth about O'Donnell's personal life. Miles becomes increasingly attracted to Anna on his stag night. Nicki puts her foot down at the cafe.
2x21 Seriefinale
Apocalypse Wow!
Episode overview
Aug 07, 1997
Can Miles go through with the wedding? Will Anna be able to deal with it if he does? Will Egg and Milly's new-found happiness last? Will Ferdy finally come to terms with his sexuality?

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