The Unexplained Files

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  • Documentary Mystery Science-fiction


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Seizoen 2
The Real Exorcist and Elk Extinction
Episode overview
Jul 29, 2014
A look into the experience that inspired the movie The Exorcist; more than 100 elk are found dead, but the cause is a mystery.
Peruvian Alien Skull and Baltic Sea UFO
Episode overview
Aug 05, 2014
Alien Skull: In Peru a tiny skeleton resists medical explanation. Is it a missing link in human evolution? Or proof of extra-terrestrial contact? Baltic Sea Anomaly: Wreck detectives ind a huge disc twice the size of a football field on the seabed.
Paranormal Highway of America
Episode overview
Aug 12, 2014
Ex Deputy Sheriff Chuck Zukowski has been investigating phenomena across Middle America for 25 years. Now he spots a pattern: eye-witness reports of UFOs along the 37th degree parallel, the 3000 mile long line that runs through the heart of the U.S.
Curse of Flannan Lighthouse and Aleshenka: Russian Mummy
Episode overview
Aug 19, 2014
The Flannan Isles Lighthouse Mystery - three lighthouse keepers all disappear. How can three people vanish from a tiny island without a trace? Aleshenka - A Russian Police Captain is shocked to be handed what looks like a mummified alien baby.
Death From the Sky and Mexican Chupacabra
Episode overview
Aug 26, 2014
Adamski Alien Abduction - A dead body mysteriously appears as if it has fallen from the sky. Could this be Britain’s first case of alien abduction? Mexican Chupacabras - in Mexico, .. show full overview
Siberian Lake Serpent and Mystery of the Bosnian Pyramid
Episode overview
Sep 02, 2014
Bosnian Pyramids - An amateur archaeologist, claims he has uncovered five gaint pyramids in Bosnia. Russian Serpent - For centuries, strange reports of a large, underwater creature have .. show full overview
Are Aliens Attacking Our Nuclear Arsenal?
Episode overview
Sep 09, 2014
Are UFOs targeting sensitive nuclear weapons sites? If so, why? Across the globe senior military personnel witness UFOs above nuclear weapons bases, and in some cases UFOs are reported to shut down nuclear missiles.
Lost Giants of Georgia and Bridge of Death
Episode overview
Sep 16, 2014
Lost Giants: In Borjami Valley a team of experts uncover bones they believe belong to a human over 9 feet tall. Bridge of Death: The 19th century gothic Overtoun Bridge in Scotland appears to be haunted, causing dogs to jump to their death.
Mysteries at 30,000 Feet
Episode overview
Sep 23, 2014
Alleged encounters between UFOs and airplanes are examined.
Voodoo Zombies and Life After Death
Episode overview
Okt 07, 2014
Possible zombies in Haiti are examined; patients report strange experiences after receiving life-saving transplants.
Shadow People and The Sun Miracle
Episode overview
Okt 14, 2014
A reform school allegedly haunted by shadow people is examined. Also: reports of miracles at Medjugorje.
2x12 Seriefinale
Aliens, Monsters and Demons: The New Evidence
Episode overview
Okt 21, 2014
From dragons to the Loch Ness Monster, mythical beasts have infiltrated many cultures. Is global warming creating conditions to help sea creatures breed?

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