The Power of Parker

  • in première gegaan: Jul 2023
  • Afleveringen: 6
  • Volgers: 8
  • Lopend
  • BBC One
  • Vrijdag op 21
  • Comedy Drama


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Seizoen 1
Two Soaps and a Talc
Episode overview
Jul 28, 2023
Martin Parker is under financial pressure and needs to make some big decisions – decisions that will end up impacting him and everyone close to him.
Miss Stockport
Episode overview
Aug 04, 2023
Diane is worried that she didn’t impress the school governors, Kath is revealing more than she should, and Martin is desperately trying to get his hands on a chunk of cash.
A Dark Horse
Episode overview
Aug 11, 2023
Moneylenders move in on Martin’s family, leaving him with no choice but to fight back. Meanwhile, Diane and Kath pursue Martin in the hope that they can work out what he’s up to.
No Words Are Spoken
Episode overview
Aug 18, 2023
Kath visits Martin in his office and gets way more than she bargained for, and Diane’s trip to the bank leaves her red-faced and running for the door.
White Goods
Episode overview
Aug 25, 2023
Diane puts her trust in Kath and sends her on a covert mission while she reluctantly goes to dinner at Sandy Cooper’s house with Martin. But will Kath be discovered?
1x6 Seizoensfinale
Episode overview
Sep 01, 2023
It’s the big day for Kath and Diane as they attempt to finally exact their revenge on Martin. But whilst Diane has never felt more alive, is Kath having second thoughts?

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