The House of Eliott

  • Score 5.0
  • in première gegaan: Aug 1991
  • Afleveringen: 34
  • Volgers: 7
  • Plaats #10546
  • Afgelopen
  • BBC One
  • Zaterdag op 8


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Seizoen 3
Episode Twenty-Five
Episode overview
Jan 02, 1993
he House of Eliott designs prove to be a great success in the USA and Bea finds that she has a new admirer, Donald, a successful businessman. When they return to London they discover .. show full overview
Episode Twenty-Six
Episode overview
Jan 09, 1993
Bea is shocked by Jack's sudden reappearance and her confusion is compounded when Donald arrives. The House of Eliott employs ambitious Grace Keeble but her designs, and her personality, .. show full overview
Episode Twenty-Seven
Episode overview
Jan 16, 1993
Tilly works hard helping to put the latest House of Eliott 'Ready To Wear' collection together but her health begins to suffer as a consequence. Jack arranges for Katya to be employed by .. show full overview
Episode Twenty-Eight
Episode overview
Jan 23, 1993
Tilly and Norman's baby is born but the celebrations are short lived. Bea and Evie express concerns to Larry Cotter about the quality of the Ready To Wear collection and he does his best .. show full overview
Episode Twenty-Nine
Episode overview
Jan 30, 1993
Bea has a difficult pregnancy and is plagued by doubts about her ability to be a good mother. Evie has trouble tracking down Daniel. Tilly has difficulty coming to terms with the loss of .. show full overview
Episode Thirty
Episode overview
Feb 06, 1993
When Daniel agrees to paint a portrait of Celia Romford to appease Bea, it creates conflict between him and Evie. Tilly becomes increasingly withdrawn and Norman enlists the help of her .. show full overview
Episode Thirty-One
Episode overview
Feb 13, 1993
There is trouble at the Bayswater workshop when the seamstresses accuse the House Of Eliott of exploitation. This causes some considerable political embarrassment for Jack who has been .. show full overview
Episode Thirty-Two
Episode overview
Feb 20, 1993
The extent of Larry and Grace's corruption is exposed, much to the relief of the Eliott sisters and Jack. Norman has one final attempt at saving his marriage to Tilly. Will she ever be .. show full overview
Episode Thirty-Three
Episode overview
Feb 27, 1993
As they prepare for their wedding, Evie discovers that Daniel has some old arguments to settle with his family. The House Of Eliott has a new client; the wife and mother in law of Jack's .. show full overview
3x10 Seriefinale
Episode Thirty-Four
Episode overview
Mrt 06, 1993
Jack's political ambitions are realized but at what expense to the Crowborough family? Daniel contemplates accepting the bursary to Paris and Evie considers going with him. When Miles' .. show full overview

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