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Seizoen 12
Coronavirus Messaging & TikTok
Episode overview
Okt 14, 2020
Gruen is back and putting Coronavirus messaging to the test without shoving a swab up your nose. And why is TikTok advertising on the telly? Also, what's TikTok? Plus a pitch to either love or ditch the office.
Soap & Bushfires
Episode overview
Okt 21, 2020
How a pandemic fell into soap's hands, brands giving thanks and can a bushfire campaign go too far? Plus the Pitch saves journalism, unless that's fake news. Joining Wil, Todd and Russel is Christina Aventi and Emily Taylor.
Bunnings Warehouse & RM Williams
Episode overview
Okt 28, 2020
We find out what's on in the Bunnings Warehouse and put the boot into RM Williams. Plus a musical pitch dedicated to our frontline workers. Joining Wil, Todd and Russel are Carolyn Miller and Priya Patel.
Tourism Australia & Big Mac/Big Jack
Episode overview
Nov 04, 2020
How Tourism Australia sells us to ourselves; Big Mac, Big Jack, and the big legal stoush; the pitch cancels and uncancels cancel culture. Joining Wil, Todd, and Russel are Karen Ferry and Sunita Gloster.
Selling Beer & LOOK UP
Episode overview
Nov 11, 2020
How do you sell beer in a year that drives you to drink? We didn't know why billboards were telling us to "LOOK UP", so we looked it up. Joining Wil, Todd and Russel are Dee Madigan and Nitsa Lotus.
Chooks & 5G Conspiracies
Episode overview
Nov 18, 2020
What's cooked about the way we're sold chook? Can telcos fight conspiracies with a 5G-up? And a pitch to save or end the arts. Wil, Todd and Russel are joined by Priya Patel and Sunita Gloster.
Kmart & Gaming
Episode overview
Nov 25, 2020
How did Kmart make being cheap cool? And with two out of three Aussies gaming, we ask: how did games ride the green pipe to the mainstream? Joining Wil, Todd and Russel are Christina Aventi and Karen Ferry.
The Christmas Spirit & Big Tech
Episode overview
Dec 02, 2020
Can brands get us to embrace the Christmas spirit? Is importing Black Friday a massive turkey? And Big Tech are selling privacy, so we leak their secrets. Joining Wil, Todd and Russel are Lauren Zonfrillo and Dee Madigan.
Fitness & Racism
Episode overview
Dec 09, 2020
The sweaty world of fitness, gymfluencers, and a Hemsworth. Plus Allens Lollies, the Cheese-That-Shall-Be-Renamed, and how brands responded to Black Lives Matter. Wil, Todd, and Russel are joined by Camey O'Keefe and Priya Patel.
Hindsight is 2020
Episode overview
Dec 16, 2020
Hindsight is 2020 as we look at some of the biggest ads of the longest year. Plus, the thrilling conclusion of The Unmasked Jingler. Joining Wil, Todd and Russel are Sunita Gloster and Karen Ferry.

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