The Great Pottery Throw Down

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Seizoen 4
Cheese Set & Port Chalices
Episode overview
Jan 10, 2021
Judges Keith Brymer Jones and Rich Miller set the twelve new potters two challenges against the clock: to throw a cheese set and port chalices, as the battle of clay kicks off at the wheel
3D Slab-Build & Handmade Bricks
Episode overview
Jan 17, 2021
It's all about bricks and mortar, as the 11 remaining potters slab-build a 3D building and in a Throw Down first, judge Rich Miller tasks the potters with handmaking bricks
Fruit Bowls & a Blindfolded Throw Down
Episode overview
Jan 24, 2021
The 10 remaining potters are challenged to make a bowl full of realistic ceramic fruits, and face a blindfolded throw down with a twist, as judges Rich Miller and Keith Brymer Jones .. show full overview
Naked Raku & a Floral Challenge
Episode overview
Jan 31, 2021
It's naked raku week in the pottery, as the potters throw, burnish and fire a pair of vases to impress judges Rich Miller and Keith Brymer Jones. In the spot test, guest judge and .. show full overview
Music Legend Busts & Mini Musical Instruments
Episode overview
Feb 07, 2021
It's Music Week in the pottery, as the remaining potters sculpt a life-like bust of a music legend, kick starting with a surprise special message from an iconic artist. The potters then .. show full overview
Terracotta Cookware & Engraved Tiles
Episode overview
Feb 14, 2021
It's Terracotta Week in the pottery, and the potters are tasked to make their own range of cookware. Judge Rich Miller sets a second terracotta challenge to engrave tiles, before he and .. show full overview
Animal Water Feature & a Strawberry Planter
Episode overview
Feb 21, 2021
It's Garden Week and the remaining potters face a green-fingered challenge to build an animal water feature and throw a strawberry planter, for a place in the quarter-finals
Native American Acoma Pottery and an Alabama Ring Bottle
Episode overview
Feb 28, 2021
It's the quarter-final, and the remaining potters face a challenge inspired by Native American Acoma pottery that involves firing their pots in cow dung. Judges Rich Miller and Keith .. show full overview
Episode 9
Episode overview
Mrt 07, 2021
Siobhán McSweeney hosts the semi-final of the pottery contest, in which the four remaining contestants face their biggest challenge to date. They must make a decorative chamber pot and a .. show full overview

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