The Confession Killer

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  • in première gegaan: Dec 2019
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Everything Except Poison
Dec 06, 2019
The hunt for two missing women leads authorities to Henry Lee Lucas. In court, he drops a bombshell, setting off a media circus and riveting a nation.
Make It Strawberry
Dec 06, 2019
At Georgetown, Lucas regales visiting officers with stories to clear murder cases. But one Lubbock family will do their own police work to refute him.
War in Waco
Dec 06, 2019
Suspicions about Lucas’s confessions crescendo as a front-page investigative story hits the newsstands, and an ambitious DA takes on the Texas Rangers.
All the Damn Lies
Dec 06, 2019
As families long for closure, the manipulation continues. Years later, on death row, Lucas steps up the fight for his life. But the lies don't stop.
1x5 Seriefinale
Not One Shred of Evidence
Dec 06, 2019
DNA testing and a close examination of the evidence reveal the truth about Lucas — and the officers who let the real killers get away with murder.

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