The Brokenwood Mysteries

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The Power of Steam
Nov 10, 2019
After a murder at the Brokenwood Steampunk event, Mike and his team are thrown into a world of dress-up and escapism where the suspects all have alter-egos.
A Real Page Turner
Nov 17, 2019
World-renowned crime-writing author Jack Rudd visits Brokenwood to give a reading at the local book club from his latest novel ‘Knife in the Back'. He visits — but never leaves, falling victim to a method of murder portrayed in his own book.
Dead Men Don't Shoot Ducks
Nov 24, 2019
The members of the Brokenwood Duck Stalking Association are set to shoot on the first day of the new season. Fingers are ready on the trigger as the eight hunters wait patiently for .. show full overview
Dead and Buried
Dec 01, 2019
A suspicious suicide in Brokenwood Women's Prison leads Mike and the team to uncover a complex murder. And for Mike this one is personal — he knew the victim Corina Doyle from his days .. show full overview

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