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Seizoen 1
This Is the Internet
Episode overview
Jun 05, 2019
Ta Mi attends the court hearing as a witness. The company she works for, Unicon, is suspected to have manipulated real-time keyword ranking regarding a specific assemblyman who was .. show full overview
My Greed Has No Motivation
Episode overview
Jun 06, 2019
Ta Mi thought she’d be disciplined for causing a scene at the hearing, but things unfold differently. Her relationship with Ga Gyeong doesn’t seem like it’ll recover, and the new .. show full overview
When Your Passion Is Fueled by Love
Episode overview
Jun 12, 2019
Although Ta Mi finds Morgan attractive, she comes up with many reasons to stop herself and him getting too close. It is Ta Mi’s top priority to pull it off at Barro, to put Barro on top .. show full overview
Top Actor Han Min Kyu
Episode overview
Jun 13, 2019
Tammy meets with her ex-boyfriend, Joon Soo, to find a job for Morgan who lost his job because of her. But when Morgan finds out what she had done, he is disappointed and let down. .. show full overview
Keyword: Bae Ta Mi
Episode overview
Jun 19, 2019
Tammy's name is the number one real-time keyword searched online, and behind it, there is a secret to its emergence. While Tammy investigates with the support of the TF Team, an .. show full overview
The Lex Series Laptop
Episode overview
Jun 20, 2019
An email gets sent to every employee at Barro regarding Cha Hyeon, and because of it, Cha Hyeon nearly becomes a person with two prior convictions. But it's not just Cha Hyeon who is in .. show full overview
Episode overview
Jun 26, 2019
After getting through the night with Morgan, Ta Mi, who has now accepted her feelings, proposes an out-of-the-blue offer to Morgan. Back in town, she faced with Joon Soo's exes, Cha .. show full overview
Episode overview
Jun 27, 2019
Ga Gyeong ticks off Ta Mi by offering Godori up in return for Cha Hyeon. The offer puts Ga Gyeong and Cha Hyeon's long relationship at a turning point, leaving Ta Mi to scramble up an .. show full overview
Striking Back
Episode overview
Jul 03, 2019
Ta Mi and Morgan begin their relationship and Ta Mi’s life seems to be going well, both romantically and professionally. However, Ga Gyeong decides that Barro’s continued success must be .. show full overview
Happy Birthday?
Episode overview
Jul 04, 2019
Brian hands in his resignation letter and leaves the TF Team. Ta Mi does a one-on-one talk with her team members to overcome the ordeal but finds it much harder than anticipated. .. show full overview
Mixed Emotions for Ta Mi
Episode overview
Jul 10, 2019
Morgan goes to a school reunion and meets someone unexpected. Ta Mi is in the midst of a big project at work all while battling with a bout of jealousy over Morgan’s reunion. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
My Homepage
Episode overview
Jul 11, 2019
Cha Hyeon suggests changing the real-time keyword search ranking list to show only one keyword at a time as part of the portal's reform. Although Kevin, the vice-president of Barro, .. show full overview
A Common Cause
Episode overview
Jul 17, 2019
Ta Mi finds out that her piano teacher’s first love is actually Morgan. She feels confused and ends up hurting Morgan’s feelings. Meanwhile, the government reveals that it would like to .. show full overview
Main Page Reformation
Episode overview
Jul 18, 2019
Both Barro and Unicon have new CEOs take over. In Gyeong is removed before her term and Ga Gyeong replaces her, whereas Hong Ju rescinds his resignation and returns to the office, and .. show full overview
The Long-Awaited Victory
Episode overview
Jul 24, 2019
Barro finally beats Unicon and takes the lead in the market shares. Ta Mi and the TF team receive congratulations, but in her personal life, Ta Mi struggles with her breakup with Morgan. .. show full overview
1x16 Seriefinale
Defending Justice
Episode overview
Jul 25, 2019
Barro and Unicon are both facing a crisis because the government is trying to legalize the surveillance of civilians. Baro thinks it is their duty to protect their users and is going to .. show full overview

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