Safe House

  • in première gegaan: Apr 2015
  • Afleveringen: 8
  • Volgers: 56
  • Afgelopen
  • ITV1
  • Donderdag op 21
  • Crime Drama Thriller


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Seizoen 2
Episode 1
Episode overview
Sep 07, 2017
When former detective Tom Brook hears news of a shocking abduction, he is convinced that the Crow, a notorious killer, is back. The family of the missing woman are soon placed under Tom's protection in his safe house.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Sep 14, 2017
As the search for Julie intensifies, John's erratic behaviour in the safe house soon causes Tom to become intensely suspicious. Meanwhile, Sam has her own misgivings and is left wondering what the real reasons were for Tom leaving the police force.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Sep 21, 2017
Tom makes a huge breakthrough in the case which leads him to investigate a shady estate agent with links to the past abductions. Meanwhile, after Dani gets herself in trouble, the shocking reason why she mistrusts John is finally revealed.
2x4 Seriefinale
Episode 4
Episode overview
Sep 28, 2017
Sam finally finds out the explosive truth about Tom's reasons for leaving the police. Simon and Liam arrive at the safe house, but danger follows them. Tom faces the Crow in a bid to save Sam's life.

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