Porridge (2016)

  • in première gegaan: Okt 2017
  • Afleveringen: 6
  • Volgers: 10
  • Afgelopen
  • BBC One
  • Vrijdag
  • Comedy Crime


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Seizoen 1
The Go-Between
Episode overview
Okt 06, 2017
Fletch has taken to helping his fellow inmates with appeals, letters home and the like. But when Barry's girlfriend comes to visit, things get complicated.
The Cake
Episode overview
Okt 13, 2017
Prison bad boy Dougie Parfitt wants a favour and there is a new prison officer on the block, which spells double trouble for Fletch and his crew.
The Minder
Episode overview
Okt 20, 2017
Fletch gets on the wrong side of a mysterious new inmate. And to make matters worse he gets a present he wasn't expecting - he's inherited Scudds as a minder.
The Witness
Episode overview
Okt 27, 2017
Dougie Parfitt wants Fletch to join his crew as his consigliere. But when Fletch tries to broker a peace with Dougie's arch rival, things don't quite go according to plan
The Listener
Episode overview
Nov 03, 2017
An intriguing new inmate arrives at Wakeley, in the form of depressed rock star Rob Strange. Fletch is tasked with keeping an eye on him but events take an unexpected turn.
1x6 Seriefinale
The Rift
Episode overview
Nov 10, 2017
Fletch and his cellmate Joe are getting on each other's nerves - life can be tough inside. But it's at times like this that you really find out who your friends are.

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