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Seizoen 1
The Pilot: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Episode overview
Apr 08, 2014
In the series premiere, Nate returns from an African mission with a stunning surprise...a new bride - Mia, A fun-loving hip hop dancer, who happens to be white. Everyone, including Mia, .. show full overview
Mama I Wanna Sing
Episode overview
Apr 15, 2014
Luke and Mia bond while Nate is constantly off running errands for his mother. But when Luke is learning more about Mia than Nate, Nate realizes he has to tell his mother there's another .. show full overview
To Be or Not to Be Yourself
Episode overview
Apr 22, 2014
The family prepares for the church's annual Youth Weekend. When William vetoes Luke's involvement, Nate ambushes them into a family counseling session with a therapist (Tommy Ford). Mia .. show full overview
The S-Word
Episode overview
Apr 29, 2014
Genesis finally faces the truth about her feelings for Keith and calls off the engagement. And Carolyn must face the truth that the girls in her Chastity Ministry may need to hear more about the sex than she's comfortable discussing.
Breaking Up Blues
Episode overview
Mei 06, 2014
Mia looks forward to being a good big sister by helping Genesis get over her break-up with Keith. Genesis insists she's fine. But when a busy-body deacon (Buddy Lewis) confronts her .. show full overview
Sunday Dinner Debacle
Episode overview
Mei 13, 2014
The family rallies around a big dinner when William has a health scare that turns out to be indigestion. Mia's flamboyant mom (Mary Ann Hermansen) comes for a visit and outs a big secret .. show full overview
Episode overview
Mei 20, 2014
Mia tries to prove herself by volunteering to host a tea for some discerning ladies (Kym Whitley) at the church. Everything falls apart when Nate's friends end up crashing her tea party .. show full overview
1x8 Seriefinale
A Friend in Need
Episode overview
Mei 27, 2014
Nate does a favor for his clingy friend, Chris (Deon Richmond), who Nate has been neglecting because he's too busy. But when the favor backfires, Nate has to decide if it's time to let .. show full overview

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