Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries

  • in première gegaan: Feb 2019
  • Afleveringen: 16
  • Volgers: 59
  • Afgelopen
  • Seven Network
  • Maandag op 3
  • Adventure Comedy Crime Drama Mystery Suspense


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Seizoen 2
Death by Design
Episode overview
Jun 07, 2021
An architect and his lover are found dead after a party; Peregrine and James retrace the partygoers' movements, but it's proving difficult.
Come Die with Me
Episode overview
Jun 07, 2021
Peregrine's excitement over her upcoming nuptials is short-lived, when a woman's body is discovered during flight attendant training.
Blood Wedding
Episode overview
Jun 14, 2021
James investigates the murder of a farmhand the day before a wedding at an estate where James's father works; Peregrine tries to help.
A Killer Unleashed
Episode overview
Jun 21, 2021
At the Melbourne Kennel Club's dog show, a competitor dies and her prized collie is framed for the murder; Peregrine considers a canine companion.
Death Alley
Episode overview
Jun 28, 2021
A brawl at a bowling alley between rockers and mods leads to decapitation; when the police arrest Violetta's nephew for the murder, Peregrine tries to prove his innocence.
Coop de Grâce
Episode overview
Jul 05, 2021
On race day, the president of the Sandridge Pigeon Club is discovered dead in the coop, covered in feathers and choked by birdseed. While Peregrine works the case with James, Birdie has her own mysterious mission to complete.
Reel Murder
Episode overview
Jul 12, 2021
The gang gather at the river to relax and distract themselves from their assorted heartaches, but when Samuel hooks a corpse with his fishing rod, a day in the sun turns deadly.
2x8 Seizoensfinale
New Year's Evil
Episode overview
Jul 19, 2021
A singer is found dead at Peregrine's New Year's Eve party at the Adventuresses' Club.

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