Isolation Stories

  • in première gegaan: Mei 2020
  • Afleveringen: 4
  • Volgers: 2
  • Afgelopen
  • ITV1
  • Maandag op 21
  • Drama Mini-series


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Seizoen 1
Mei 04, 2020
Alone, heavily pregnant and fed up with life, Mel faces having to go through the birth of her first child without the married father of her baby.
Ron & Russell
Episode overview
Mei 05, 2020
A father and son are isolated in the family home, but they would rather be anywhere than forced to be together like this, with only each other for company.
Mike & Rochelle
Episode overview
Mei 06, 2020
The worst fears of paranoid, self-absorbed hypochondriac Mike have come true. He relies on an old friend and therapist but who really is the patient?
1x4 Seriefinale
Episode overview
Mei 07, 2020
A grandad resolves to bring his broken family together by visiting his son-in-law on the way to collect his essential grocery shopping. But his son-in-law isn't pleased to see him.

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