Better Late Than Never

  • in première gegaan: Aug 2016
  • Afleveringen: 12
  • Volgers: 67
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  • NBC
  • Maandag
  • Action Adventure Comedy Documentary Reality Travel


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Seizoen 2
Episode overview
Dec 11, 2017
The men go to Munich and immerse themselves in the culture, customs, and traditions of the city, including participating in Oktoberfest, visiting a nude park, and recreating their own Julie Andrews moment in the Bavarian Alps.
I'm a Viking!
Episode overview
Jan 01, 2018
Sweden: Challenges that aren’t for the faint of heart, the world’s smelliest dish; an etiquette class; George is surprised by a founding member of ABBA.
I'm King of the Castle
Episode overview
Jan 01, 2018
Lithuania: A goat beauty contest; a stay in an uncomfortable haunted castle; an unpleasant visit to Russia.
How Do You Say Roots in German?
Episode overview
Jan 08, 2018
Berlin: The guys head to Berlin in the hope of finding Henry’s roots; they check into a communist hotel, meet a bear, visit the Berlin Wall, have a surprise run-in with Al Roker, and are treated to a special performance by David Hasselhoff.
If Terry's Not Naked, Who Is?
Episode overview
Jan 15, 2018
Barcelona: The guys enjoy the culture of Barcelona, Spain; tango dancing; a lunch of traditional Spanish delicacies; Terry shows Barcelona what a full moon in the middle of the day looks like; Henry bares it all as a nude model for an art class.
Matador Training
Episode overview
Jan 22, 2018
Madrid: The guys explore Madrid, Spain; matador lessons; flamenco dancing; an altered version of the Tomatina Festival.
Moroccan Wishes and Camel Dreams
Episode overview
Jan 29, 2018
The guys head to Africa, where they explore a local market and have a special dinner, each making one last wish for the trip.
2x8 Seriefinale
To the Sahara and Back
Episode overview
Feb 05, 2018
The guys get their groove on with the Gnawa Tribe and bond over a campfire in the Sahara Desert; in Marrakesh, William Shatner treats the guys to lunch before going to hear an authentic Moroccan storyteller; the men reflect over a final dinner.

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