Art That Made Us

  • in première gegaan: Apr 2022
  • Afleveringen: 8
  • Volgers: 1
  • Afgelopen
  • BBC Two
  • Donderdag op 21
  • Documentary History


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Seizoen 1
Lights in the Darkness
Episode overview
Apr 07, 2022
In this alternative history of the British Isles, working artists explore an era once known as the 'dark’ ages, finding mysterious art that haunts our landscapes and imagination.
Revolution of the Dead
Episode overview
Apr 14, 2022
From the chaos of the Black Death comes creative renewal - survivors finding their voice through satire and a revived literature in English, including breakthrough works by women.
Queens, Feuds and Faith
Episode overview
Apr 21, 2022
During the reign of Elizabeth I, Protestants and Catholics use art, language and new technology to wage a battle for power in the Isles, creating surprising and often radical works.
To Kill A King
Episode overview
Apr 28, 2022
A splintering of politics and religion in the British Isles under the Stuart kings leads to more questioning art, new science and architecture.
Consumers and Conscience
Episode overview
Mei 05, 2022
In the 18th century, trade and conquest funds an explosion of creativity, and art stirs a growing social conscience.
Rise of the Cities
Episode overview
Mei 12, 2022
With the industrial revolution transforming the British Isles, cities and country are divided and artists respond to the upheaval to lives and the landscape.
Wars and Peace
Episode overview
Mei 19, 2022
The world wars force artists to grapple with destruction and savagery, challenging conventions and the old imperial order, while those fleeing war bring new ideas to Britain.
1x8 Seriefinale
Brilliant Isles
Episode overview
Mei 26, 2022
In the final episode of the series, an explosion of new voices from across the British Isles reinvents the arts, creating a richer, more diverse culture

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