Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond

Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond

Episode 4 (1x4)


Uitzenddatum: Feb 19, 2014

The war is nearly over, but Fleming is convinced the Nazis are hiding nuclear plans and that the British need to find them before the Russians. Finally, Fleming is granted permission to go to Germany to attempt to retrieve the plans. He succeeds in tracking down the documents, but comes face to face with The Werewolves (renegade German soldiers who will die before giving up the cause). Back in London, celebrations are underway, but the arrival of peace also means wartime relationships will have to be reassessed. Will Fleming and Ann finally find a way to be together? Moreover, with the war in its final throws, Fleming’s days in Naval Intelligence are numbered – what other ways will he find to channel his ingenuity and imagination?

  • in première gegaan: Jan 2014
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  • BBC America
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