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All Circles Vanish
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Ago 12, 2019
The pool shop is under new ownership. Dud recuperates from his shark attack while searching for Ernie. Ernie deals with the aftermath of his adventure with El Confidente. Liz enters the TempJoy workforce.
The Slide
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Ago 19, 2019
Dud makes an enemy cleaning pools. Liz tries to hit bottom. A game of golf jeopardizes Ernie's career.
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Ago 26, 2019
Ernie recounts his trip to Mexico and Dud sees a solution to all the Lodge's problems. Liz works at Higher Steaks. Dud and Liz spend time with a woman from their father's past.
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Set 02, 2019
Dud, Blaise and El Confidente fundraise for their upcoming adventure to Mexico.
Estrella y Mar
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Set 09, 2019
Liz goes into business with Lenore. Ernie reunites with Connie. Dud and Beth try out marriage. Blaise and Scott's conflict comes to a head.
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Set 16, 2019
As the Lynx prepare for The Mystic Chords of Memory Dud's wound worsens. Blaise glimpses the past. Liz goes on a journey at Orbis.
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Set 23, 2019
Dud continues working with Blaise; Ernie meets someone from his past.
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Set 30, 2019
L. Marvin Metz comes to the Lodge with Dud and Ernie; Liz gets a promotion; and Scott goes for a walk.
Le Reve Impossible
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Ott 07, 2019
In a foreign land, the Lynx search for the Grail and Ernie embraces his fate. Janet pulls Liz into a scheme. Blammo.
2x10 Ultimo episodio della serie
The Door
Data di messa in onda
Ott 14, 2019
After the events of Mexico, the Lynx regroup at a revived Lodge and prepare for an important coronation. Liz goes for a swim. Connie has a secret.

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