Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters

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  • Iniziato: Lug 2015
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Chapter 1: Where Are the Heroes?
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Lug 22, 2015
As the mysterious Hero_Truther puts out a rallying cry for EVOs to declare themselves by telling personal stories in the wake of fear mongering. This prompts Phoebe to reveal to her brother, Quentin, that she can manipulate shadows.
Chapter 2: Phoebe
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Lug 22, 2015
Quentin encourages Phoebe to continue documenting her story when she begins college. As Phoebe's power grows, she discovers that there's much more to her ability than she initially realized.
Chapter 3: Registered
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Lug 22, 2015
After a pro-EVO demonstration at the college gets out of hand, Phoebe is arrested and forced to register in a national database. When Phoebe is approached by Harris with a job offer at the fast-growing tech company named Renautas.
Chapter 4: June 13th
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Lug 22, 2015
Phoebe goes missing after an argument with Quentin over her ongoing nightmares.
Chapter 5: Renautas
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Lug 22, 2015
In the wake of tragic events on June 13th, Quentin refuses to believe his sister was involved in the attacks and believes Renautas was behind Phoebe's abduction.
1x6 Ultimo episodio della serie
Chapter 6: Where the Truth Lies
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Lug 22, 2015
Hero_Truther's true identity is revealed when Quentin brings him evidence that connects Renautas to the Primatech Paper Company, leading Quentin to track down a former Primatech employee: Noah Bennet aka HRG (Jack Coleman).

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