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Opening Moves
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Mar 14, 2011
Balagan's first case is launched when Danni pleads with him to find a missing boy and, in a race against time, he enlists Sam and Alcina to help.
Turkish Hold'em
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Mar 21, 2011
A daring robbery during a high-stakes poker game forces Hugo to ask Balagan for help, prompting the chess master to create his own complex plot to trap the culprit.
The Caffeine Hit
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Mar 28, 2011
A well-dressed man wakes up on the sidewalk with no shoes, no wallet, and no memory. The only thing in his pocket is a receipt that leads him to the Huxley Hotel. Remembering nothing but .. show full overview
The Other Side of Summer
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Apr 04, 2011
Swallowing his pride, Hugo asks Balagan for help. Walt, Hugo’s police mentor, is retiring, but one unsolved case still haunts him. Twenty years ago, a teen girl disappeared and Walt is .. show full overview
I Killed Her
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Apr 11, 2011
A mysterious doctor tells Balagan that he is responsible for the murder of a woman found in the hotel pool during a Psychiatric Conference, drawing Balagan into a complex and dangerous game.
Fearful Symmetry
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Apr 18, 2011
Enlisted by a terrified family to help solve the inexplicable bombing of their car, Balagan is sidetracked by an unexpected match with a 16-year-old world chess champion.
Gorillas in our Midst
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Apr 25, 2011
Smitten by a beautiful Chinese cryptologist, Sam convinces Balagan to try to solve an intricate puzzle involving a vital secret and an attractive, conniving female journalist.
The White Queen
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Mag 02, 2011
When the imperious heiress of the Huxley Hotel empire descends for an inspection, she coerces Balagan into helping her find her son, who has mysteriously disappeared.
Huxley, We Have a Problem
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Mag 09, 2011
When Balagan’s oldest friend, the larger than life Russian cosmonaut Oleg Olesky, comes to the Huxley, he brings more than the party. About to pilot the first private space tourism .. show full overview
Bless This Union
Data di messa in onda
Mag 16, 2011
When the hotel safe is robbed during an extravagant Indian wedding celebration, the distraught couple asks Balagan to help recover their stolen gifts- but is it an inside job or the work of professionals?
Mr Black
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Mag 31, 2011
Balagan is forced to match his chess skills against a computer when his anonymous online opponent reveals that he is playing for lethally high stakes - the lives of a group of innocent hostages.
Polar Opposites
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Giu 06, 2011
A rock star hires Balagan to find $200,000 stolen from him - a mystery that also involves colourful groupies, a missing polar bear, and the kidnapped grandmother of Danni's estranged husband.
1x13 Ultimo episodio della serie
Deadman Talking
Data di messa in onda
Giu 13, 2011
After Balagan investigates the sudden death of a hotel security guard, he is forced to face his worst nightmare.

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