DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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  • Iniziato: Gen 2016
  • Episodi: 69
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Out of Time
Data di messa in onda
Ott 13, 2016
Dr. Nate Heywood, an unconventional historian, makes a shocking discovery. Nate then seeks out Oliver Queen for help to find the scattered Legends. Once reunited, they try to protect .. show full overview
The Justice Society of America
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Ott 20, 2016
The Legends travel to Nazi-occupied Paris and are surrounded by the Justice Society of America. They discover a time aberration that threatens the JSA, but the JSA doesn't want their help. Meanwhile, Nate tries to prove he should be part of the team.
Data di messa in onda
Ott 27, 2016
Nate is shocked to learn that he has powers but then accidentally lands himself and Ray in Feudal Japan. After Sara convinces their stowaway Amaya, AKA Vixen, that Rory is not a .. show full overview
Data di messa in onda
Nov 03, 2016
When the Legends discover a time Aberration in 1863, they find themselves fighting for survival during the Civil War with Confederate soldiers who have been turned into zombies. With the .. show full overview
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Nov 10, 2016
When the Legends trace a timequake to President Reagan’s White House, they are shocked to discover their old enemy Damien Darhk is now a Senior Adviser to Reagan. As the team works to .. show full overview
Outlaw Country
Data di messa in onda
Nov 17, 2016
The Legends are still reeling from the news that their time travel-nemesis is a speedster when they are alerted to an Aberration in the Old West. When the Legends arrive they find their .. show full overview
Invasion! (4)
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Dic 01, 2016
After learning the Dominators’ plan for the world, the Legends must work together with The Flash, Supergirl and Green Arrow to kill them once and for all. Meanwhile, Stein figures out, .. show full overview
The Chicago Way
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Dic 08, 2016
When a new Time Aberration is discovered by the Legends, they find themselves headed to 1927 Chicago. The Legends quickly realize that they have been set up by Eobard Thawne, Damien .. show full overview
Raiders of the Lost Art
Data di messa in onda
Gen 24, 2017
When Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn try to capture Rip Hunter in 1967, they create an Aberration big enough to draw the attention of the Legends. However, when the team arrives they .. show full overview
The Legion of Doom
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Gen 31, 2017
The Legends are determined to find and rescue Rip, but first must focus on locating the Spear of Destiny. Stein thinks he has the perfect person to help but knows involving her will be .. show full overview
Data di messa in onda
Feb 07, 2017
When The Legends find a new Time Aberration they learn they must travel to the winter of 1776 to protect George Washington and the American Revolutionary War. Unfortunately, things don’t .. show full overview
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Feb 21, 2017
The Legends continue their quest to hunt down the Spear of Destiny before the pieces fall into the hands of the Legion of Doom. The Legends discover that pieces of the Spear are each .. show full overview
Land of the Lost
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Mar 07, 2017
After capturing Rip, he forces the Waverider to crash, leaving the Legends stuck 70 million years in the past. Ray leads Amaya and Nate to recover a vital piece of the ship. In an effort .. show full overview
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Mar 14, 2017
When the Legends track Commander Steel to NASA Headquarters in 1970, they learn where Nate’s grandfather hid the last fragment of the Spear of Destiny. The team notices a time aberration .. show full overview
Fellowship of the Spear
Data di messa in onda
Mar 21, 2017
The Legends must devise a plan to retrieve the last remaining fragments of the Spear of Destiny from the Legion of Doom. They find themselves in France at the height of World War I faced .. show full overview
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Mar 28, 2017
After obtaining the Spear of Destiny, the Legion of Doom rewrites reality, leaving the Legends changed, perhaps forever. Frightfully, the Legends’ and the world’s hopes rest with Rory, .. show full overview
2x17 Ultimo episodio della stagione
Data di messa in onda
Apr 04, 2017
As the Legends are about to take off for their next destination, a massive timequake rocks the ship. In order to try and fix what has happened, they are forced to break the one cardinal .. show full overview

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