Bless This Mess

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  • Iniziato: Apr 2019
  • Episodi: 6
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Data di messa in onda
Apr 16, 2019
A newlywed couple’s plan to ditch big city living for a simpler life in Nebraska doesn’t go as expected.
The Chicken and the Goat
Data di messa in onda
Apr 23, 2019
After weeks of researching soil revitalization and coming up with a wonderful plan to make their farm successful, Rio and Mike are forced to find a new strategy when the weather forecast .. show full overview
The Return of Short Shorts
Data di messa in onda
Apr 30, 2019
Mike attempts to fit in with the Coffee Boys in order to get rid of his old nickname, “Short Shorts,” by trying to prove to them that he’s a “true farmer.” Meanwhile, Rio finally gets .. show full overview
Data di messa in onda
Mag 07, 2019
Rio is having trouble adjusting to social and cultural differences between New York and Nebraska, resulting in a few awkward encounters. Through their wild chase to catch an unwanted .. show full overview
In Hot Water
Data di messa in onda
Mag 14, 2019
In order to afford a new water heater, Rio and Mike must come up with ways to make money since Mike refuses to let Rio’s mom, Donna, pay for it. Mike decides to sell their chickens’ eggs .. show full overview
1x6 Ultimo episodio della stagione
The Estonian Method
Data di messa in onda
Mag 21, 2019
Mike and Rio enter the best hen competition at the county fair with their prized chicken to prove themselves to the community; sparks fly between Rudy and Constance; Kay and Beau struggle with some marital issues.

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