Arn: The Knight Templar

  • Iniziato: Mar 2010
  • Episodi: 6
  • Followers: 13
  • Terminata
  • DR1
  • Sconosciuto
  • Action Adventure Drama History Romance War


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Stagione 1
The Beginning
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Mar 28, 2010
Arn Magnusson remembers, as a fearful crusading templar, his youth in fractured Sweden's West Gotland. He and his brother Erskin were friends with king Erik's son Knut, until a .. show full overview
Arn and Cecilia
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Apr 04, 2010
Arn's brothers wold be-fiancée fails to seduce Arn before he finds out she's the sister of his beloved. Prince Knut, now an adult, is back from Norwegian exile to reclaim the throne. He .. show full overview
Worlds Apart
Episode overview
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Apr 11, 2010
Arn is now a seasoned Templar, enjoying trust and respect of the grand master. His chivalrous behavior towards Muslim passersby wins him the respect of sultan Saladin, who was .. show full overview
Arn of Gothia, the Devil with the Red Cross
Episode overview
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Apr 17, 2010
At the end of his penance term of 20 years, Templar Arn expects to return home with an honorable discharge from the late grandmaster after a last desert mission, during which he must .. show full overview
Love, War and Religion
Episode overview
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Apr 25, 2010
The haughty grandmaster's expedition ends as disastrously as Arn warned: the crusader army is annihilated by Saladin's at the battle of Hattin. The sultan's brother however rescues badly .. show full overview
1x6 Ultimo episodio della serie
The Kingdom at Road's End
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Mag 02, 2010
After happy years for Arn and his finally reunited family, king Knut is dying, spelling a bloody civil war. Fearing a Danish intervention would be fatal, the Folkungs arrange a deal by .. show full overview

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