State of Play

State of Play

Episode 6 (1x6)

Ultimo episodio della serie

Data di messa in onda: Giu 22, 2003

Cameron tells Yvonne Shaps that he has sacked Cal making him a freelance journalist and that Cal has the copyright to the story if she does not give them more money for the story Cal will go to another paper. Yvonne gives them the money. Foy gives them an e-mail linking Sonia with U-Ex Oil and Warner-Scloss. Stephen tells Cal he will resign from the Energy Select Committee and help get him a story that will link George Fergus to Sonia's murder. During an interview Collins talks about Sonia meeting Paul Canning from Warner-Scloss at the Trocadero everyday. Cal realises that this is information that Collins should not know and that there may now be a link to Stephen and Sonia's hitman.

  • Iniziato: Mag 2003
  • Episodi: 6
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