Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers

Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers

Acceleracers: The Ultimate Race (3x8)

Ultimo episodio della serie

Data di messa in onda: Ott 12, 2005

With their rivalry settled and differences set aside, Teku and the Metal Maniacs team up to infiltrate the Drone HQ and rescue Wylde. At the same time, the Drones launch a massive attack on the Acceledrome and capture everyone still inside. With all the Accelechargers united, the Wheel of Power configures itself to open one final new portal. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Kurt must overcome all odds to defeat Gelorum, save his friends, and win the Ultimate Race!

  • Iniziato: Gen 2005
  • Episodi: 20
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  • Terminata
  • Cartoon Network
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