The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth

Day of the Locos (3x15)

Ultimo episodio della serie

Data di messa in onda: Mag 25, 1998

Bradley stuns the office by selling a screenplay for a million dollars. Nora can't believe such a no-talent could actually be considered a writer. Bradley overhears and is devastated. The next day he gets notes from the studio -- and they agree with Nora. Nora offers to help Bradley. Collaborating with Bradley, however, proves more difficult than she imagined -- as they have to overcome his mannered, ineffective work habits and inane story sense. Eventually, she gets him to incorporate a very personal story of her youth to deepen the film. The studio ends up hating the new draft, however, and, in desperation, Bradley suggests throwing in a talking horse. Nora's horrified. But the studio loves it. The show ends ""a year later,"" where Bradley and Nora watch the movie play out. It's Nora's personal story done with a talking horse. And she's moved. Dave's poker ace sister comes to town and takes an immediate liking to Jake. Dave gets Jake to take his sister out. She aggressively insists Jak

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