General Hospital

General Hospital

12.29.00 - Friday (37x257)

Ultimo episodio della stagione

Data di messa in onda: Dic 29, 2000

Preview:Ned and Alexis reunite. Recap:Zander woke up in the hospital to find Alan looming over him. Alan asked for Zander's word that he would stay out of Emily's life. Meanwhile, Emily told Monica that she couldn't stop her from seeing Zander. Zander advised Emily that her parents had valid points about her not being with him. Taggert later told Zander that upon his discharge, he would be taken into protective custody by the PCPD. Emily called Alexis who came in and said that she would be making arrangements for Zander. Those arrangements turned out to be accomodations at Alexis's Penthouse. Bobbie found out about Sonny's shooting and comforted Carly by assuring her that he would be fine. After looking at Sonny's chart, Bobbie talked to Monica and Carly overheard them saying that Sonny's chances of survival were slim. Letitia brought Michael for a visit and though he remained unconscious, Sonny squeezed Michael's hand. Mac questioned Laura because of her connection to Sonny. A bluster

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