Naruto Shippuden

  • Σκορ 8.1
  • : Φεβ 2007
  • Επεισόδια: 505
  • Ακόλουθοι: 3412
  • Κατάταξη #226
  • Τελείωσε
  • TV Tokyo
  • Πέμπτη στο 7


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Ημερομηνία προβολής
Φεβ 15, 2007
An older and stronger Naruto returns from his two and a half years of training with Jiraiya. When he gets back he finds that many things have changed since he left. From Konohamaru .. show full overview
Akatsuki, Makes A Move
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Φεβ 15, 2007
As Naruto gets back into the swing of things and meets back up with what is left of Team 7, Kakashi and Sakura, Jiraiya has something important to tell them. It seems a shinobi group .. show full overview
The results of training
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Φεβ 22, 2007
The bell test begins again while Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Shizune watch, but this time Kakashi is taking things seriously. So serious that he is using his Sharingan. Can Naruto and Sakura .. show full overview
Jinchuuriki of the Sand
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Μαρ 01, 2007
The bell test continues for Naruto and Sakura. Meanwhile Gaara discovers that the Akatsuki member, Deidara, has infiltrated the village. Now the battle begins between Gaara and Deidara. .. show full overview
As the Kazekage...!
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Μαρ 15, 2007
Gaara and Deidara continue their fight with Gaara gaining the upper hand. Deidara then begins to attack the village and Gaara, the Kazekage, must protect it. Can Gaara defeat Deidara or is he playing right into his hands.
Mission Cleared
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Μαρ 29, 2007
Deidara launches an attack on the village and Gaara must do his duty as Kazekage and protect it. However, Gaara's left himself wide open for an attack!
Dash, Kankurou
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Μαρ 29, 2007
With Gaara captured and abducted, Kankuro goes after Deidara to get him back. However, his path is soon blocked by Sasori, whom doesn't plan on letting him pass.
Action, Kakashi Team
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Απρ 12, 2007
With their leader abducted, the Hidden Sand Village requests assistance from Konoha. Tsunade sends Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi out to help. Worried about her little brother, Temari tags along as well.
Jinchuuriki Tears
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Απρ 12, 2007
As the group travels to Hidden Sand Village, Naruto realizes that Sakura doesn't know why Akatsuki are after Gaara and himself. Has the time finally come to tell her the truth?
Sealing Technique: Illusionary Dragon Nine Consuming Seals
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Απρ 19, 2007
With Kankuro injured, Chiyo and Ebizou make an appearance in order to save his life. They try everything, but it's all in vain and Kankuro's condition is progressively getting worse. .. show full overview
Apprentice of a Medical Ninja
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Απρ 26, 2007
Upon arriving at the Sand Village's medical center, Kakashi is attacked by an elderly woman. Who is this woman and why is she attacking Kakashi? Meanwhile, Sakura does an examination on .. show full overview
The Retired Old Woman's Determination
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Μάϊ 03, 2007
When Pakkun discovers the whereabouts of the Akatsuki's hideout, Kakashi orders Pakkun to find Gai and his team and lead them to the position. Meanwhile, Kakashi and his group decide to .. show full overview
The Destined Meeting
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Μάϊ 10, 2007
While Gai's group must fight against Kisame in order to proceed, Kakashi's group is cut off by another familiar face...Itachi Uchiha! Kakashi and Naruto team up and face the legendary ninja, but will even that be enough?
Naruto's Growth
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Μάϊ 17, 2007
While Gai, Lee, Tenten and Neji continue their battle against Kisame, Naruto and Kakashi work together to fight Itachi. But when Itachi puts Naruto in a genjutsu spell, can Naruto find a way to break free?
Hidden Jade - With a Name...
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Μάϊ 24, 2007
The fights against Itachi and Kisame finally come to an end, but are these the real Itachi and Kisame?
Secret of Jinchuuriki
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Μάϊ 31, 2007
As the group draws closer to Akatsuki's hideout, Chiyo reveals some startling information about the Jinchuuriki. Naruto becomes more determined than ever to rescue Gaara, but is it too late to save him?
Gaara Dies!
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιουν 07, 2007
The group has finally arrived at the Akatsuki hideout, but is it already too late to save Gaara?
Break in! Button Hook Entry
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιουν 21, 2007
Knowing that Akatsuki's lair is protected by a powerful barrier, Kakashi and Gai decide that the teams must work together to dismantle the barrier.
Trap Operating! Enemy of Team Gai
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιούλ 05, 2007
As Gai's team stays behind to fight a group of mysterious enemies, Kakashi's team enters the Akatsuki hideout, where Naruto makes an unhappy discovery.
Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιούλ 19, 2007
Chiyo and Sakura team up to fight Sasori, but soon realize that if they get something even as small as scratch, it's all over. Can the two defeat this puppet master?
Sasori's real face
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιούλ 26, 2007
With his puppet destroyed, Sasori reveals himself to Chiyo and Sakura, looking no older than when he left his village twenty years ago. As a further bit of nostalgia, he produces a .. show full overview
Chiyo´s Inner Hand
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Αυγ 02, 2007
Sakura manages to escape the poison gas cloud by using an explosive scroll on herself. Chiyo calls forth the "Mother" and "Father" puppets that Sasori created to fight him and the Third. .. show full overview
Father and Mother
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Αυγ 02, 2007
The Iron Sand stops both puppets from moving. Chiyo's right arm (which she had turned into a puppet) gets clogged and broken as well. Chiyo thinks back to the past and remembers how .. show full overview
The Third Kazekage
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Αυγ 09, 2007
Chiyo and Sakura must try and defeat Sasori's strongest puppet, the Third Kazekage.
Between Life and Death in Three Minutes
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Αυγ 16, 2007
Sakura has managed to destroy Sasori's strongest puppet, but he still has a few tricks up sleeve. And although Sakura's managed to avoid a fatal blow from the poison, she and Chiyo must .. show full overview
10 Puppets VS 100 Puppets
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Αυγ 23, 2007
Chiyo uses her abilities as a master puppeteer to allow her to control ten puppets at once against Sasori. However, Sasori has gone a step ahead, and gained the ability to control one .. show full overview
The Dream That Couldn't Come True
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Αυγ 30, 2007
It's the final stand against Sasori, and Chiyo reveals the flaw in Sasori's "immortality". As Sasori breathes his last breaths, he rewards the two kunoichi for his defeat by providing .. show full overview
The Resurrected Beasts
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Σεπ 13, 2007
As Kakashi and Naruto chase after Deidara, and Sakura and Chiyo rest from their fight with Sasori, Gai and his team continue to fight their doppelgangers. Things aren't looking good for .. show full overview
Kakashi's Enlightenment!
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Σεπ 27, 2007
Kakashi unleashes his new Mangekyo Sharingan against Deidara, turning the tide of the battle in their favor, but when Naruto begins to act strangely, Kakashi sees him as the bigger threat.
Instant Esthetics
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Σεπ 27, 2007
Kakashi must act quickly to calm Naruto down before he releases too much of Kyubi's power. Meanwhile, Deidara is cornered by Gai's team, and when he realizes that he can't defeat them, .. show full overview
The Next Generation
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Οκτ 18, 2007
Gaara's body has finally been recovered, and Chiyo determines that there is only one way to save him. It's up to her and the entire village to prove to Gaara that he is loved, and Naruto shows Gaara that he does have a friend.
1x32 Φινάλε σεζόν
The Kazekage's Return
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Οκτ 25, 2007
Now that Gaara's been revived, the Hidden Sand Village slowly begins to return to normal. It's time for the ninja of Konoha to take their leave, and Naruto shows Gaara how friends say goodbye. Meanwhile, a mysterious ninja tries to join Akatsuki.

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