John DiMaggio

(55 years old)

Born: September 4th, 1968

Place of birth: North Plainfield, New Jersey, USA

Death: -

John DiMaggio is an American voice actor. His voice features as Bender on Futurama, Jake the Dog on Adventure Time, Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War series, Dr. Drakken on Kim Possible, Scotsman on Samurai Jack, Brother Blood on Teen Titans, Shnitzel on Chowder, Hammerhead and Sandman on The Spectacular Spider-Man, Aquaman on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, King Zøg on Disenchantment, Wakka and Kimahri in Final Fantasy X, and Rath and Aggregor on Ben 10 and Niblet, on pound puppies.

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