The Secret Agent (2016)

  • Estrenada: Jul 2016
  • Episodios: 3
  • Seguidores: 41
  • Finalizado
  • BBC One
  • Domingo a las 21
  • Drama Mini-series Thriller


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Temporada 1
Episode 1
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Jul 17, 2016
London, 1886. Soho shopkeeper Verloc is paid by the Russian Embassy to spy on an anarchist cell. The Russians demand that Verloc orchestrates a bomb attack that will be blamed on the anarchists and provoke a British crackdown.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Jul 24, 2016
Michaelis's suspicions threaten to scupper Verloc's plans Back in London, Heat faces the Professor's madness, and Winnie finds herself alone with Ossipon.
1x3 Final de Programa de TV
Episode 3
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Jul 31, 2016
While Chief Inspector Heat struggles to makes sense of the plot behind the Greenwich bomb, Winnie is devastated by the news of Verloc's role in the outrage.

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