• Estrenada: Abr 2013
  • Episodios: 50
  • Seguidores: 360
  • Finalizado
  • Audience
  • Miércoles a las 20
  • Action Adventure Crime Drama Thriller


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Temporada 4
Maria, Full of Grace
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Mar 22, 2017
Ethan returns to San Francisco hoping for a fresh start. But when Ray's brother asks for help, Ethan gets involved. Mia needs Marty's help to get her off a murder charge. Clea catches a businessman's murder that takes her down a rabbit hole.
How the Light Gets In
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Mar 29, 2017
Ethan has to navigate a dirty cop. Having escaped from federal custody, Mia's on the hunt for Ethan. Meanwhile, Patrick's on Mia's trail. Clea investigates Maria's murder.
Lost Hope
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Abr 05, 2017
Ethan tracks down Clea while getting dragged deeper into the world of Casey Oaks. Clea investigates Oaks' possible involvement in Maria's murder. Mia reconnects with an old accomplice. Patrick struggles to come to terms with Harper's death.
The Determined and the Desperate
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Abr 12, 2017
Ethan scrambles to raise money to pay off Mia. Mia targets Ray's kids and convinces Sadie to help. Clea searches for the trafficked girls. Patrick surveils Ethan in the hopes of catching Mia.
Pool Boy
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Abr 19, 2017
Ethan robs Oaks and faces the consequences. Mia and Sadie fight over how far they'll go for money. Clea tries to protect one of the young trafficked girls. Patrick finally catches up with Ethan.
Fecha de emisión
Abr 26, 2017
Ethan turns on Clea and Regan. Devastated by Phan's disappearance, Clea searches for clues. Patrick and Ethan investigate the hit-and-run in search for Mia's accomplices. Mia and Sadie are forced on the run.
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
May 03, 2017
Ethan helps Clea with her case before double-crossing her. Patrick catches up with Sadie. Clea figures out the identity of the mystery man killed at the warehouse. Ethan, Mia and Marty join forces for one final deal.
Sunny Side Down
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
May 10, 2017
Ethan and Clea work together to discover who's behind the conspiracy. Ethan forces Theresa to reveal her hand. Clea follows a seemingly innocent bookseller. Ethan does Theresa's bidding to unexpected ends.
The Third Man
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
May 17, 2017
Ethan goes into hiding after the bombing of the Federal building. The bookseller holds Clea captive. Theresa scrambles to tie up loose ends in her hunt for Ethan. Regan agrees to assist Ethan and Clea, but it's a step too far.
4x10 Final de Programa de TV
A Good Leaving Alone
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
May 24, 2017
Ethan and Clea discover what happened to Regan. They race to find the accountant before he's taken out. As authorities close in on Ethan, he and Clea work to uncover a greater conspiracy.

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