River Monsters

  • Estrenada: Abr 2009
  • Episodios: 87
  • Seguidores: 190
  • Finalizado
  • Animal Planet
  • Jueves a las 21
  • Adventure Documentary Mystery Reality


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Temporada 9
Killers From the Abyss
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Abr 23, 2017
Wade takes on the biggest investigation of his career -- to unravel what happened to over 1,000 passengers of the RMS Laconia, torpedoed in the mid-Atlantic; he travels the globe, battling giant fish, massive sharks and a deep-sea monster.
9x6 Final de Programa de TV
Killers from the Abyss Super-sized Q&A
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Abr 24, 2017
Fishing detective, Jeremy Wade, embarks on the biggest and most complex investigation of his career; to unravel the mystery of what happened to the passengers of a ship torpedoed in the mid-Atlantic during World War II.
Ice Cold Killer
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
May 01, 2017
When a sea monster washes up on an English beach, Jeremy Wade sets off to unmask the beast. His journey will take him to the ice sheets of Greenland and the fjords of Norway, where he races against the Arctic storm threatening to end his quest.
Coral Reef Killer
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
May 08, 2017
On the tropical island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, a tourist snorkeler and several local fishermen have been killed and injured by a mysterious sea creature that impales its victims; Wade travels to the scene to investigate.
Return of the Killer Catfish
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
May 15, 2017
Jeremy Wade investigates a case in Nepal that sounds strangely familiar - a lone fisherman dragged off his feet and into a mountain river by an unseen creature. Could the original river monster, the goonch catfish, be back from the brink?
Volcanic Island Terror
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
May 22, 2017
On a volcanic Pacific island, an ancient fishing community is being terrorized by something unknown in the water that’s been leaving behind mysterious puncture wounds on its victims. Can Wade uncover the identity of this fanged assailant?
Malaysian Lake Monster
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
May 29, 2017
When two men mysteriously vanish on a remote lake in Malaysia, Wade sets out to track down the possible killer. Amid rumors of a giant fish on the loose, he follows the evidence into the .. show full overview

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