Orange (2016)

  • Calificación 7.7
  • Estrenada: Jul 2016
  • Episodios: 13
  • Seguidores: 62
  • Ranking #3151
  • Finalizado
  • Tokyo MX
  • Domingo


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Temporada 1 Discuss
Letter 01
Fecha de emisión
Jul 04, 2016
It’s the spring of Naho’s second year in high school, and Naho receives a letter from herself, 10 years in the future. The letter accurately depicts what’s about to happen, including .. show full overview
Letter 02
Fecha de emisión
Jul 11, 2016
Kakeru enters the soccer club as a provisional member, just as the letter says. When the topic of lunches comes up after practice, Kakeru jokingly asks Naho to make lunch for him as .. show full overview
Letter 03
Fecha de emisión
Jul 18, 2016
In the letter, it says Kakeru won’t join the soccer club, but in reality, he does. This difference between the letter and reality fills Naho with hope, as she believes it may mean that .. show full overview
Letter 04
Fecha de emisión
Jul 25, 2016
Naho is so concerned about Kakeru’s date with Ueda-senpai over the holidays, she can’t help but seem preoccupied and unable to focus on her friends’ conversations. Ever since Kakeru .. show full overview
Letter 05
Fecha de emisión
Ago 01, 2016
Kakeru gives Naho a hairpin. And on the weekend, Kakeru invites Naho to study with him for the upcoming exams. As the pair begin to grow closer together, Naho gets up the courage to .. show full overview
Letter 06
Fecha de emisión
Ago 08, 2016
It's the last day of the school festival. Naho and Kakeru have promised to watch the fireworks together. However, just before they start, Ueda-sama gets in Naho's way. Will Naho get to .. show full overview
Letter 07
Fecha de emisión
Ago 15, 2016
The letter from the future details the regret felt by everyone for being unable to celebrate Kakeru's birthday. As such, high school Naho and the gang pester Kakeru about what he wants .. show full overview
Letter 08
Fecha de emisión
Ago 22, 2016
Up until now, Naho had been doing everything the letter from the future had told her to do, but is the letter always right? The letter from the future asks Naho to make sure Kakeru .. show full overview
Letter 09
Fecha de emisión
Ago 29, 2016
Naho feels relieved now that she has the support of all her friends. On top of that, Kakeru and Naho begin to get even closer. Finally, the day of the athletic festival comes. What do .. show full overview
Letter 10
Fecha de emisión
Sept 05, 2016
It's the athletic festival. Kakeru hurt his ankle during the pole-toppling game, and hid that fact from everyone else. Kakeru tries to keep his suffering to himself, when Suwa and the .. show full overview
Letter 11
Fecha de emisión
Sept 12, 2016
Naho got into a fight with Kakeru on New Year's Eve, and never managed to apologize to him before he passed away. At least, that's what the letter from the future says. However, Naho now .. show full overview
Letter 12
Fecha de emisión
Sept 19, 2016
Kakeru moves to Matsumoto with his mother mother after she decides to move there for her own reasons. When she passes away on the first day of school after Kakeru transfers, Kakeru .. show full overview
1x13 Final de Programa de TV
Last Letter
Fecha de emisión
Sept 26, 2016
Naho can't give her Valentine's Day chocolate to Kakeru. Ever since what happened on New Year's Eve, Kakeru keeps putting distance between Naho and himself. But, through all the .. show full overview

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