Legends (2014)

  • Calificación 8.0
  • Estrenada: Ago 2014
  • Episodios: 20
  • Seguidores: 2267
  • Ranking #317
  • Finalizado
  • TNT (US)
  • Lunes a las 10


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Temporada 1 Discuss
Fecha de emisión
Ago 13, 2014
A deep-cover operative named Martin Odum, who has an uncanny ability to transform himself into a different person for each job. But his own identity comes into question when a mysterious stranger suggests that Martin isn't who he thinks he is.
Fecha de emisión
Ago 20, 2014
When a high school chemistry teacher and his family are kidnapped, DCO takes the case because the teacher is a former chemical weapons engineer for the Russian Army, hidden by the CIA in .. show full overview
Lords of War
Fecha de emisión
Ago 27, 2014
Martin assumes the legend of Dante Auerbach, an international arms dealer known as the 'Lord of War', in order to track the sale of VX gas, and rescue kidnapped chemist, Richard Hubbard. .. show full overview
Fecha de emisión
Sept 03, 2014
The Colonel and Ana Paulanos are captured by DCO when they sell Martin a briefcase of VX that turns out to be bogus. In response, one of The Colonel's followers releases real VX on a .. show full overview
Fecha de emisión
Sept 10, 2014
Martin is put on leave after the confrontation with The Colonel. He begins looking into his own past and The Stranger's assertion that 'Martin Odum' is a legend. This off-book .. show full overview
Fecha de emisión
Sept 17, 2014
Martin takes Kyle Dobson into custody in the aftermath of a shoot-out with the smuggling crew. But when Dobson is wounded, Martin is forced to get him medical attention at a Houston .. show full overview
Fecha de emisión
Sept 24, 2014
Martin returns to DCO after the events in Houston and is presented with the case of a threat to assassinate a visiting Saudi Prince. The investigation leads Martin and Rice to a beautiful and charismatic female rights activist.
Fecha de emisión
Oct 01, 2014
Martin stays in legend as journalist Sebastian Egan to exonerate Hani Jabril and find the real assassins of Prince Abdullah. DCO is forced to pursue the investigation 'off book', ultimately leading Martin into his most dangerous stand off yet.
Wilderness of Mirrors
Fecha de emisión
Oct 08, 2014
Martin manages to escape from an interrogation and finds out that Sonya and Aiden have been abducted. As he looks for them, he learns more information about his past.
1x10 Final de temporada
Fecha de emisión
Oct 08, 2014
Martin finds out that Verax could be plotting an assassination. He is also kidnapped and makes a stunning discovery about his own identity.

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