Last Seen Alive

  • Calificación 9.0
  • Estrenada: Jun 2014
  • Episodios: 6
  • Seguidores: 5
  • Ranking #11722
  • Finalizado
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A Mother's Love
Fecha de emisión
Jun 01, 2014
A North Carolina teen is missing, and it’s up to the family’s private investigator to switch gears and take a radical approach. 18-year-old Nicole Martindale has run off with her .. show full overview
A Cry for Help
Fecha de emisión
Jun 08, 2014
The search for 15-year-old Alexandra Lowitzer leads her parents to a crack house in Columbus, Ohio. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, a family searches for the brother who vanished on a business trip.
Into the Night
Fecha de emisión
Jun 15, 2014
In Arizona, 16-year-old Dakota Kilpatrick sneaks out of a group home, and her family fears her obsession with social media may have led her into the arms of a dangerous predator. The .. show full overview
Shattered Lives
Fecha de emisión
Jun 22, 2014
More than a week has gone by since Brianna Kraemer left her Tucson school, stepped into a car, and vanished. It’s not the first time the 15-year-old has disappeared. Last time, Brianna .. show full overview
Every Parents Nightmare
Fecha de emisión
Jun 29, 2014
In Utah a teen runs away leaving her mother to worry. Searching for a missing man in Vancouver leads the investigators to an isolated island.
1x6 Final de Programa de TV
Lost to the Streets
Fecha de emisión
Jul 07, 2014
A teenager vanishes, and the investigation leads to a town's illegal sex trade. Also: A man searches for his wife, who disappeared six years earlier during a business trip.

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